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checks and guns carrying near schools or giving them to minors. we don't know what strengthened and stiffened penalties. t there are a lot of loose terms. >> tucker: we don't know anything, other than the mental component would have had an impact. it's hard to see to not see this as a power grab, none of these are related to what americans are upset about. if i give my 16-year-old a shotgun, they have to register, the burden falls on people who haven't committed a crime. >> clayton: you don't have to register the shotgun now. >> alisyn: you don't have to let authorities know. >> tucker: the federal authorities. in new york state perhaps you would, but most states you don't. >> alisyn: as we know the atf has a problem with that, tasked with regulating firearms, has a problem not
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significanting out which gun is going where, when people give them away, sell them. if it's stolen. atf one of the agencies that called for the national data base. obviously that's controversial. people don't want to be in a data base, they want to have-- >> this came up in the wake of the shootings in aurora, colorado, the idea of a data base or cataloging and if they see an individual buying up firearms, letting someone know that-- jared loughner, not jared loughner, who is the guy in aurora. >> tucker: and under the constitution, the bill of rights, that's not the government's business. what we're against is killing people. the question, would the laws prevent that, prevent a singly mentally ill person from commitments a massacre, how to see how. >> clayton: the cross checks, one data base is categorying individuals buying guns and
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health checks. a marrying of the two somehow? there seems like there's a disconnect there. >> alisyn: what if they didn't allow gun sales to people in homes with mentally ill child or family member. in newtown we knew he had a personality disorder. >> tucker: why let them vote. in other words, why should-- why would i have a right taken away from me, if i had a relative who was adjudicated ill. >> alisyn: maybe they would be able to get their hands on them like in newtown. and the devil is in the detail. >> tucker: and what is mental illness. you have mental illness advocates my mom being one of them working with mentally ill people on a regular basis, helping them get employment and different stages of
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asperger's. >> of course. >> what child is mental ill enough. >> tucker: ocd qualified. >> alisyn: and we get bogged down. obviously as a country we need to do something so it doesn't happen again and we are a strong enough, smart enough country to figure out how to do this, i think. so, we have to just try something, or figure out how to keep it out of the hands of people who are 18-year-old deranged boys. >> tucker: maybe so, but it does seem in the effort to protect the country that you don't want to abridge the rights of people who have done nothing wrong and i think that's an equally important goal, as in publishing the names and addresses of people who have purchased firearms legally and that of course, in the news since the county in new york did just that and published in a newspaper and now apparently inmates are using that gunman map to threaten guards. >> alisyn: and the publisher of the journal news having put
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the names and addresses of legal gun owners and the sheriff in one of his counties, says in his lockup, the inmates have begun threatening the guards, guess what? i now know your home address and whenever i get out or contact my associates we can go to your home and harass your family. yet another unintended consequence of this. >> clayton: and what's so appalling, as per this individual profession required to carry a gun to protect, you know, other individuals within the prison, that's their profession, as a result of their profession they're being-- their name and dress is being printed in the newspaper and the people they're trying protect us again have that information. >> alisyn: and let us know what you think about any of this, on twitter and more stuff happening this hour. an alabama teenager arrested for plotting to blow up his high school.
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17-year-old derrick trout is a self-acclaimed white premises and out to get a teacher and six students. luckily, a teacher found his notebook detailing the plan and police found explosives at his home ready to be used. >> got a school grid, could have gotten the whole school, he could have just got all of them at once. >> alisyn: terrifying. police think he learned to make the bomb on the internet. well, a search is underway for the head of the iconic facility fashion house. he vanished in venezuela, wife and two crew members were on board. the oldest son of the condition's founding, the and it was head today chak cast when it dropped off the radar, a trip from the island where it took off. north carolina swearing in its first republican governor in 20 years. ♪
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the former mayor of charlotte, took over for beverly purdu cho second term. >> our goal was to lead, govern and to serve with a burp and that's what we're going to begin doing today. >> the public inauguration will be helped next week. how is this for a good use of taxpayer cash. welfare recipients getting money at places like strip clubs, bars and liquor stores. and people on government assistance took out cash at strip clubs and hooka parlors. >> boy, have i been living under a rock. let's check with maria molina in for rick reichmuth. >> good morning, everyone, we're tracking, actually very chilly weather across places
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across the country, especially in the midwest, you're seeing temperatures as chilly as the teens. 15 in rapid city, 17 in minneapolis, and only 14 in denver. the northeast, not too bad. it is january, supposed to be chilly and 34 in new york city and further west in cleveland, we're seeing a current temperature at 35 degrees. what we have to deal with this morning, overnight hours have been some areas of snow across the places in the northeast including new york city and hasn't accumulated across the northeast and flurries flying around and pretty much over with in new york city and seeing the flakes around massachusetts, places in new england, across vermont, new hampshire and moving. >> alisyn: places in the southern state of maine and temperatures too warm to see any snowfall and showers and areas of light rain across southeastern parts of louisiana, new orleans, georgia and carolinas. and the system will continue to slowly push eastward. we're not expecting heavy rain, but across central florida, continue to see that
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rain moving in and kind of putting a damper into your sunday. otherwise as we head westbound. california, san francisco, dealing with areas of rain and high elevations around the area as well and areas above 5,000 feet could be looking at eight inches of snow. the bad news is that we'll see some as well and we could be seeing travel impacted and that storm will need to track over the next several days because it's forecasted to produce heavy rain across places in texas and also oklahoma and even severe storms as we head into tuesday, next week. otherwise for today. high temperatures 21 in minneapolis, bundle up. 43 in new york city, a little bit tof that warming trend and made it into the 60's today in san antonio, guys? >> thanks so much, maria. >> well, it is the new year and with it every new year comes new laws and new government regulations, look at all of that paper work,
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because there are so many new regulations this year that there's a laundry list of them and some of them are pretty darn ridiculous. >> yeah, while congress is struggling with the fiscal cliff and couldn't figure out the way to get around the fiscal cliff until the 11th hour, they were apparently having no problem coming up with 61 new government regulations set to go into effect next month and some of them, now, you've heard them before. some are right for-- >> tucker is a big fan of the first one. >> i know you care a lot about the southwestern willow catcher. >> tucker: i have one stuffed in my office. >> clayton: it's a critical happen at that time according to regulation. >> alisyn: and they have to protect this bird because they need to do it in the new regulation such as to retain the vegetation in the flood plains. i don't know what any of those words mean, i don't know what kind of vegetation that is, but the southwestern--
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>> along the sides of the whichever. >> alisyn: and in southwestern states it has to be protected somehow by the government. >> tucker: there are costs to that. and the new york times piece today on health insurer raising rates, doubling rates across the country. how is this related? it's a natural effect of regulation, when you regulate something in this case health care, forcing insurers to cover hair transplants, you have higher prices. when you regular te the bird happen at thahabitat, that's fo costs. >> clayton: managing live stock and making sure they don't nibble on your plants at the farm. a new regulation, inexact management. now we're paying more for insects. >> tucker: so if you buy
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cicada's by the pound you'll feel it it in your wallet. >> alisyn: let us know what your favorite regulation is, please, we'll read those later. and coming up, they were supposed to be named after war heroes, instead named after local politicians, including one caught up in a corruption scandal. how are they getting that honor? >> the governator is back and this time driving a tank. yes, that's arnold schwarzenegger behind the wheel, this is not a movie, but instead real life. ♪ this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc
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>> lawmakers in putnam county, new york, the not giving in to journal news' request to publish names and addresses of people who have legal gun permits. does this infringe on personal privacy and leave non-gun owners more vulnerable. here with that decision to
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withhold that information, assemblyman steve katz. why do you support that the county don't ought to be giving this information to the press? >> i think that what the journal news has done is so irresponsible. we've seen it already in westchester and in rockland, you've got, for example, a woman who is in my district called up, she has been plagued by a stalker for years. she moved for two years, she was safe, hasn't heard a thing. after this list was published, two days later she received a hundred phone calls that were hangups. that's horrifying. and so, that's just one example what we're hearing in rockland county, you're hearing about law enforcement agencies and corrections officers who the inmates are telling them that we now know where you live. >> let's just be honest, the journal news didn't do this in
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order to enhance public safety, this was an editorial of sorts designed to make the point that gps are scary and legal gun ownership is a threat to our safety? >> worse than that they basically made a dream map for perpetrators, for criminals, for stalkers. this is an interactive map that shows where they live. you can now google, google earth, exactly where they live and see where their car, their license plates. we're clearly at a point now where you've got an intersection of the law and technology, and what's morally right. >> tucker: so, in new york state protects information, personal information of all kinds, i can't get your medical records. >> correct. >> tucker: i can't get your school record. >> correct. >> tucker: do the laws need to be changed to protect the names and addresses legal gun owners? >> we're doing everything we can to enact these bills now, there's a bill in the new york
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senate that's coming in to protect our privacy and assemblyman mcgee, a democrat in the assembly, is also putting in a bill for the same purpose. >> tucker: good for him. what would be the argument against that? >> quite frankly, there is none. even in the foia request. the freedom of information law requests stipulate that it cannot be disseminated, that information cannot be disseminated if it will cause harm to any citizen. it's also not supposed be to be disseminated if it's going to be used for profit purposes, which is clearly what the journal news has done. >> tucker: clearly, god speed in that effort. tom brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. no team wanted to take him out of college. how to fuel success and what you can learn by channelling and taming your emotion.
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and a cat in a prison, that cat. ♪ let's give thanks - for an idea. a grand idea called america. the idea that if you work hard, if you have a dream, if you work with your neighbors... you can do most anything. this led to other ideas like lerty and rock 'n' roll. to free markets, free enterprise, and free refills. it put a man on the moon and a phone in your pocket. our country's gone through a lot over the centuries and a half. but this idea isn't fragile. when times get tough, it rallies us as one.
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every day, more people believe in the american idea and when they do, the dream comes true. we're grateful to be a part of it.
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>> quick headlines. we begin with a fox news alert. the associated press reporting minutes ago that the nhl and the players association reached a tentative deal to end the lockout. details are ironed out. we'll bring them to you. millions of christians around the world are celebrating the epiphany, and three kings visited jesus. and elsewhere around the world, the holiday is celebrated with parades and pageants. >> ever wonder why super successful people like, say, tiger woods, bill clinton, charlie sheen seem to get in trouble by making disastrous decisio decisions? our next guest says it's because of killer emotions. >> clayton: the author of the book "your killer emotions", joins us now. >> a pleasure to see you both. >> clayton: why did you take on this topic? it's fascinating and we've
3:21 am
wondered that as we go through the tiger woods experience and bill clinton experience? >> i counsel people every day the last 30 years to make great life decisions and one of the things that i've observed time after time is when you let your toxic emotions cloud your best judgment, whether it's a celebrity or just anyone, you can make a self-sabotaging life choice. so, i wrote "your killer emotions" to help people master their emotions and use those energy charges from those very strong emotions to compel them to make positive decisions, not destructive ones. >> alisyn: and we should mention that you are a well-known, highly successful talent agent. you represent some of the biggest names in tv news. so you know big egos. is this just the problem of high profile people or does everybody let their toxic, killer emotions get in the way? >> oh, my goodness.
3:22 am
everyone does it and i've helped people to stop smoking, stop drinking, stop cursing, change their eating habits, simply because often times they get into an emotional funk and when he they get into an emotional funk, they want a quick fix, something to make them feel good, grab a drink, grab a cigarette go back to the bad guy, bad girl just to do something quickly and often it's counter to what is good for them. >> clayton: let's walk along with what's in the book. never make decisions when you're overwhelmed with urges. that's very hard to do. >> it is, but it's really important that you don't make a decision when you're full of emotion, or urge compelled because you're going to make a clouded decision. >> alisyn: so what should do you? i mean, just take a breather for a day, a week? sometimes i feel like the clock is ticking. >> well, take a breather as long as you can so that you
3:23 am
cool down and that you always want to know what you want to get from any interaction. what you've got to do is think about what you really want in life. what you would have thought about in hindsight. >> if you go out on revenge or try something out of revenge the outcome may be worse. >> absolutely. >> clayton: that leads to your second point in the book, always think about the consequences of your actions before you act. >> be conscious, had david petraeus, tiger woods, thought about the heinous consequences what would take place, should they commit that act, they probably would not have done it. conversely though, if you can think about the amazing consequences of making a great life choice, those energy charges and that motivation can lead to you make a positive life choice. >> you also say, identify your own personal triggers, obviously, everybody's are different. >> yes, and those are your very personal motivations and
3:24 am
when i-- i discuss this at length in "your killer emotions" because if you identify what you really want in life. quickly, i was counseling somebody to stop drinking and i found that going to get esophageal cancer and when i identified he wanted to be there for his autistic child, when he wanted his mother not there for other children's wedding that so broke him out of his toxic scripting, he stopped drinking. >> clayton: tom brady, maybe forgotten it now, and he was drafted 6th round and used it it, channeled it. >> i believe he did, a personal trigger. he was disrespected, drafted in the 6th round. i believe that disrespect, energy charges motivate him to bring it and prove everybody wrong. >> clayton: three super bowls. >> you have to identify your
3:25 am
goals, that's what you're searching for and reaching for. >> if you're overcome with emotions, you need to step away and think about what your goal is and that is what will make my heart sing, what do i really want. and also what your truth is. who you aspire to be, the kind of person you aspire to be, because if you make good decisions for yourself, often times, you will feel good and if you feel good about who you are, it raises your self-esteem and with high self-esteem you make better choices because you feel you're worthy of your choices and deserve them. >> excellent points. great to see you. >> it's great to be here. >> yeah, let's put it up on the screen. "your killer emotions" is the name of the book. ken, great to see you. >> a pleasure to be here. >> alisyn: thanks for the tips. next on the rundown, is america too informal? how about formal friday instead of casual fridays? the new hip dress code coming
3:26 am
up. >> clayton: these streets were supposed to be named after local war heroes, but politicians, including one charges of corruption. >> alisyn: and arnold is back, arnold schwarzenegger behind the wheel and this is not for a movie. ♪ ailer in america. now t $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recyc when you spend $50 on hp in staples. th was easy.
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♪ >> holy smokes, time for your shot ever the morning. take a look at this massive 50-ton tank crushing the station wagon. the best part is who is behind the wheel of that tank, action movie star, former governor of the state of california, arnold schwarzenegger. don't believe us, check out this picture of the governator standing next to his tank, yes, owns that tank, of course he does. >> alisyn: that's arnold schwarzenegger. >> tucker: that's not arnold schwarzenegger. >> it is. >> the script says it's arnold schwarzenegger and therefore, that, ladies and gentlemen, that's arnold schwarzenegger and ran over that in order to promote his new movie "the land stand". you're saying that time has not done well-- >> i didn't know, a disguise, he didn't look familiar. >> clayton: flannel. let's talk about down in texas, this is outrageous.
3:30 am
and a few years ago back in 2006, the city council members down there gone to a group of veterans and veterans families of those who were killed in action and veterans who were still alive, who were wounded and said, we're going to name some streets after you and went through the process, reached out to them to do all of this. a few years passed and we have an update now how well those signs look today. >> alisyn: the signs went up, but not with the names of any of the veterans who had served our country with honor. they were for the local politicians. somehow city council decided not to name the streets after heroes, but rather, local politicians, including one who was even caught up in a corruption scandal. so, as you can imagine, family members are very upset. let's listen to them. >> they told us they were going to name the veterans, not anybody else.
3:31 am
>> it makes me feel sad because i think they deserve what they were going to do. >> the veterans are the heroes. they went to fight for our nation. >> they don't want to put the ones here, and at least put the ones that didn't make it. >> disgraceful. >> tucker: i have a solution. >> alisyn: what is it. >> tucker: we make a federal law that applies to every municipality in america, bans the naming of anything after a living office holder, no frank lautenberg train station, no monuments, no airports, nothing. if you are holding office, we're not going to finance your ego trip, how does that sound. >> alisyn: i like it. i don't often hear you calling for a law, but-- >> why should you as a legislator controlling the purse strings name something after yourself using the public's money. >> alisyn: it's shameless. >> clayton: what's outrageous
3:32 am
to me, yes, the outcome, but that somebody sat down at a desk and thought i'm going to take the names of these veterans off and put my own name on. someone had to get a pen out and think that was a smart thing to do. >> tucker: how many politicians have you met? i think you've met a few. >> clayton: great point. >> alisyn: and like you said they went to the family members of people who, heroes who had died and talked to their moms and to their wives and family members and said would you like this honor? and they were so honored, yes, we would love that and then they reneged and that's distasteful. >> tucker: repulsive yet not shocking. >> alisyn: there you go. >> tucker: and retired army general mcchrystal owning up to the career ending rolling stone article. and joining us, peter. >> reporter: and the has been teaching a leadership course at yale, but a book "my share of the task" and puts into
3:33 am
writing an explanation of that 2010 rolling stone article called "the run away general" by michael hastings which basically forced general mcchrystal to resign as the ways' seen as making fun of some members of the obama administration. mcchrystal writes, this is quote, regardless how i judged the story for fairness or accuracy, responsibility was mine. general mcchrystal also suggests in this new book that michael hastings, that free-lance author of the article, may have been unworthy of his trust and transparency and he describes the plane ride back to d.c. on his way to offer his resignation to president obama after 34 years of service, by writing that he didn't call anyone for advice, he just got on the plane and that was that. something else mcchrystal chronicles in his book are the struggles he had with the white house while he was in charge in kabul. there were apparently major disagreement about how many troops should be sent to war,
3:34 am
the beginning of the obama administration and mcchrystal rights that military leaders wanted 30,000, and the president approved 17,000 and 4,000 more added, but only after what sounds like, in this book, some very intense back and forth between the two sides about, with obviously different views how to do the insurgency, back to you in new york. >> tucker: not allowed to make fun of the president's friends apparently. >> thank you peter. finish reading team arrival, i've sure you read it a while ago, the lynn done biography and i think of general mcclellan, calling-- in the press talking out loud, making fun of lincoln and calling him a gorilla, and water off the duck back, calling me a gorilla. >> alisyn: hannity-- make sure to see hannity, general mcchrystal will be
3:35 am
there, and had a lot to say. tell you what else is happening, there was another deadly shooting in aurora, colorado, this time a gunman killed three family members inside the home. sonny shot his sister-in-law, and others, and he jumped out of a second story window and swat teem tried to social with archuleta and sabres were told to stay away for safety. >> and finally two shots and exactly 22 minutes, didn't talk, nothing happened, was quiet. and they're pretty sure they had got him. >> after several hours, gunman shot at police and they fired back killing him through a window. no word on a motive. police think he was on drugs. >> thousands nationwide head today hobby lobby, to show support their stance against
3:36 am
obamacare and they're facing 1.3 million dollars in fines per day because it refuse toss offer health insurance that covers birth control. >> we just want to be free, and the government and freedom to worship god how we want to. >> alisyn: hobby lobby filed an emergency request to get out of the mandate, but the supreme court struck that down. it's official, french actor gerard depardieu is now a russian citizen. he met with president vladimir putin today and given a russian passport and granted citizenship last week. depardu originally wouldn'ted out of france because the country attempted to raise taxes on the rich by 75%. and that was struck down, but the actor's plan to leave sparked a war of words between he and the government, and now he's a russian citizen.
3:37 am
and prison guards in brazil, attempted it cell phone, drills and saws and there's a culprit in custody. we're not talking about a person, it's a cat. this kitty smuggler was caught with the items, taped around its body. guards saw the white cap slipping through the gates and caught it before it could make the delivery. it's not clear who is responsible since the kitty cannot rat out its accomplices. meow. >> who wrote that? who thought was a good idea. >> and he had all of these gadgets strapped to him. >> that's brilliant. let's check in with maria molina, she's small enough and could have fit through the bars. >> maria: i don't want to be associated with that. we're outside our studios in new york city and it's a pretty chilly morning this morning, temperatures in the mid 30's and factor in the breeze and it feels cooler.
3:38 am
as we head into the afternoon hours, we'll actually get sunshine and we had snow showers earlier this morning and flurries around. no accumulation not just in new york city, but pretty much most of the northeast, as we head into the afternoon, many places clearing out and seeing that sunshine coming out across the southeast and you're going to have to deal with the tail end of the frontal boundaries, northern parts of florida, central florida, heads up orlando, need those umbrellas, but again showers and very light activity to the west of that, staying dry and cool, temperatures only into the 50's widespread through texas and oklahoma and chilly throughout most of it. a high temperature just 20 degrees in fargo, seeing a couple of snow showers as well across portions of the great lakes. get that relatively cold air going over the warmer lakes and how you get the lake effect snow. just snow showers, not huge as far as it goes. out west, stormy weather across the pacific northwest and parts of california.
3:39 am
our next system that be tracking the next several days, as we head into monday and tuesday, we'll see areas of heavier rain across texas and oklahoma and even possible severe weather by tuesday. >> that sounds unpleasant. thank you, maria. >> clayton: all right, we like to dress up around here, ties, suits, nice dresses. >> alisyn: thank you. >> clayton: but there has been for many years a movement afoot in offices, normal offices outside of the tv business because we're whacky. where you come to work in jeans and a t-shirt. >> alisyn: casual friday. >> clayton: informal friday. a new movement is afoot to change that, formal friday. >> tucker: this idea is among hipsters, metro sexuals and cutting edge of cool, the idea if you want to be counter culture, tail coat on fridays, full-blown. when everybody's wearing jeans to work, how cool is it to wear jeans to work. fair point, but how many people are wearing a top hat. >> alisyn: well, baristas in california and washington
3:40 am
state, taken to formal fridays, i don't know if they wear tails, sop donned top hats and girls are busting out their old prom dresses and wearing them on friday. >> clayton: some are taking it to a real formal level, wearing bow ties. >> alisyn: what kook would wear a bow tie? my gosh, now, tucker, explain, why have you gotten away from the bow tie. >> tucker: i'm joining the the mainstream. when you wear a bow tie, and walk through penn station in a bow tie and count the obscenities. >> clayton: that's truly counter culture. >> tucker: trust me, i'm counter cultural and have opinions that people don't share, and i won't wear a bow tie to penn station. >> a top hat and can i smoke a pipe. >> tucker: you can't, mayor bloomberg won't allow that.
3:41 am
>> alisyn: you look naked without a top hat. >> clayton: are you doing it in your office and photos like we've dug out of the archives like tucker, we'd love to see them. >> alisyn: and shot down by the taliban for standing up to women and girl's rights. she just got out of the hospital, and again. >> tucker: and justin bieber caught smoking pot. >> not the biebs. ♪ initiated.
3:42 am
neural speeds increasing to 4g lte. brain upgrading to a quad-core processor. predictive intelligence with google now complete. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself.
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>> and welcome back, quick sports headlines for you this morning. nfl wild card weekend underway with a strong bang yesterday. i hope you watched these games, strong packers defense made quick work of minnesota,
3:44 am
24-10. they play they play san francisco next week and foster led the victory over cincinnati, 19-13 and houston faces a tough battle against new england next weekend, ali. >> thank you. 15-year-old malala yousufzai, a symbol of courage after being shot in the head by the taliban. and this week released from a british hospital. will malala live a normal live or carry on her mission or return to pakistan? joining us now is the president of act for america, and the author bridgette gabriel. >> good morning, just to recap, let's tell malala's story again. she has been a champion for years of girls education in pakistan. she wants equal rights. she had a blog she spoke out about what was like being a young girl in the swat valley
3:45 am
in pakistan, for all of that targeted tore the for the taliban and pulled over her school bus as she was on the way home from school and shot her in the head. miraculously, she survived, thanks to the great work of some pakistan and british doctors. she's now out of the hospital. what's the update on malala and what's next for her? >> she is out of the hospital and her father got a job in britain so her family will remain in britain, where she will be a little bit safer. they will have a little bit of security. but her life, it's going to be an uphill battle trying to protect ser he have from now on because she has become a symbol of freedom to many women in the islamic world and this is why she is he' going to remain a target and a major target by radicals who think it's a medal of honor to kill her and basically put fear in the hearts of the rest of population in the islamic world and who want to pursue education and rebellion.
3:46 am
>> in fact, the taliban has vowed to finish the job. they have said publicly that they plan to kill her if they could ever find her. so, will she be able to continue her mission? she's such an extraordinary person. she's different than other people. she won't just sit quietly despite this ordeal that she's been through. >> yes, she will. she will continue writing. i think she will even have more motivation right now, because she has a purpose and she knows she has a purpose and she knows that a lot of women and especially young girls all over the world, the islamic world, are looking up at her. so she will be able to continue writing in a blog, in a secured location where no one will know where she is because she knows, and the internet is enabling many young girls worldwide in islamic world to be able to read what she is writing. i believe, also, a the lot of women rights groups around the islamic world are going to
3:47 am
rally around here and continue supporting her and use her as the banner of freedom and a champion for women's rights and women's education. >> bridgette, you make a great point. the internet may allow her to have her mission and her freedom and survive if she can stay in hiding. thank you so much for the update. great to see you. >> thank you. >> alisyn: coming up, restrict freedom and kick out the conservatives. one big plan to drive them out. let's see how tucker feels about that. and the picture you were never supposed to see. now we know who that mystery man is with her. ♪ oks like you need a little help there ♪ ♪ ooh baby, can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. nly align has bifantis,
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3:50 am
>> a new hampshire lawmaker is seeking to rid conservatives from her formerly conservative state by restricting their freedoms. this is representative cynthia chasen's response to the free state process, which is movement that wants to move the live free or die state to libertarianism or conservative. and a college outside manchester, patrick griffin. good morning. >> good morning, tucker, how
3:51 am
are you. >> tucker: so new hampshire was historically a libertarian leaning state and now you have an elected official saying that conservatives and libertarians shouldn't live there. what happened? >> aim not sure what happened, tucker. i think it's fascinating because as has been written, had a republican made this kind of comment about an ethnic minority or another group of individuals who choose to think or speak or feel differently than they do, that would be called hate speech. unfortunately, we're not talking about punditry here, not even talking ideology, we're talking about an officer of the general court, someone elected to represent people, so, unfortunately, miss chase is held to a bit of a higher standard, i think. the key here is that here is terrible, terrible double standard here, your words like tyranny has been used and the
3:52 am
word here is hypocrisy and that's going on here. it's interesting i hear my friends on the left talk about the fact that they want to make sure that everyone gets heard as long as the people who are speaking. >> right. >> agree with them. >> her blog post she made on new last month and here is the representative cynthia chase collins, what we can do is make the environment here so welcoming, some may not come and some may leave. one way to pass measures that restrict freedom that they think they will find her. another is it to shine the bright light of publicity on who they are and why they are coming. and lay it on the specifics though? >> as a matter of fact there hasn't been much since this. she served two terms in the house in new hampshire, and this is a relatively obscure legislator who got off to a very progressive, left wing blog and made these comments. look, one of the things to realize is the state of new
3:53 am
hampshire has 400 members of the house and they see it's the largest deliberative body and free tolls mileage to the state capital. it's truly a citizen's legislature. for the most part most of the representatives serve the people of the granite state very well. every once in a while, you get what you pay for. in this case, i think maybe the voters of new hampshire wan to take perhaps another look at representative chase's intolerance, which is clearly what it is for people who share different views than she does. >> well, from the standing answer, shares a long and as far as i know, unguarded border with the commonwealth of massachusetts. and do you regret that and think would have been better to build a fence along that border 25 years ago and you wouldn't be facing problems like this? >> how simple. why didn't we think of that sooner? >> and look, there's an awful lot of changes going on in new
3:54 am
hampshire in many states, but the politics of this are not just democrat or republican. look, i'm not a guy who runs around defending free states, i don't much about them, but i know that constitutionally people have a right to assemble, they have the right to freedom of speech and believe in things they want to as long as they're law abiding citizens. i find it incredible that this particular legislator would step out and no one has said a word on this. nobody seems to be bothered by this. it's stunning to me that the chairman of the state democratic party has clearly indicated this is irresponsible, this is hate speech and that this woman should be in some way reprimanded or at least asked to clarify or apologize for these remarks. this isn't productive on either side. it doesn't help democrats or republicans when people act crazy and she's acting crazy. >> patrick griffin, thanks for waking up early and shedding light on this, we appreciate it. >> a pleasure, thank you.
3:55 am
>> thanks. >> tucker: coming up, justin bieber smoking pot? the proof in the pictures. >> then, remember what president obama promised that obamacare wouldn't drive up costs? why are the nation's top insurers doubling their rates? ♪ ♪ let's give thanks - for an idea. a grand idea called america. the idea that if you work hard, if you have a dream, if you work with your neighbors... you can do most anything. this led to other ideas like lerty and rock 'n' roll. to free markets, free enterprise, and free refills. it put a man on the moon
3:56 am
and a phone in your pocket. our country's gone through a lot over the centuries and a half. but this idea isn't fragile. when times get tough, it rallies us as one. every day, more people believe in the american idea and when they do, the dream comes true. we're grateful to be a part of it.
3:57 am
>> good morning, everyone, sunday, january 6th. i'm alisyn camerota. . white house's plan for gun control, it's much broader than reinstating the assault rifle ban. we'll dive into the details. >> tucker: as taxes go up and food prices spike, and they are, here comes obamacare, latest slap in the the face as some insurer double their rates. tell you where it's happening.
3:58 am
>> clayton: how about one guy used an online dating site to track his missing iphone, it's multi-steps and i'm a fan this have guy, i want to meet this guy, i want to date this guy, can i do that. (laughter) "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ >> you love him that much and i respect you for that. >> clayton: hey, welcome to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning, tucker carlson is here, alisyn camerota is here and i'm clayton morris, nice to he see you. in a little while i'll be flying off to an electronics show in las vegas and be live there. and send your tweets and e-mails, anything you want to see, 100,000 people descending on las vegas. >> alisyn: he's going to warn us, he's going to leave us alone for the last half hour, but it's his jobs. >> clayton: i'll be playing with gadgets. >> tucker: that sound fun.
3:59 am
>> alisyn: his dream come true. >> clayton: as big as the super bowl. >> alisyn: we now know more details what the white house is planning in terms of gun control. as you recall in the wake of the newtown, connecticut tragedy, the president said by the end of the january he wants action and progress to be made. and tasked joe biden with some sort of working group, task force to figure out what we can do about some, and preventing some tragedies and he said at the time, the president said he's going to be multi-tiered and going to address mental illness, he was going to address our sort of violent culture as well as guns. >> clayton: that's sort of esoteric, and we have details ap these aren't concrete. look, they're all going to change and we saw what went on with the fiscal cliff negotiations and these are going to change and some thing that we're hearing trickling out now. universal background check from firearms buyers, and strengthened mental health checks and stiffened penalties
4:00 am
for carrying guns near schools and out to minors. there were four gun shows near newtown, connecticut that canceled and saying they're not going to do them. any word on gun show loopholes. >> tucker: universal background checks is in registr transfer of a firearm would be you give your son a rifle for christmas, the states with the highest gun ownership, maine, vermont, wyoming, and states with the lowest violence. chicago has one of highest murder rates. and is there a difference n cla ownership. >> clayton: and wyoming the least populous in the country. >> alisyn: not talking the major metropolitan areas. >> tucker: what's the difference? if everybody has a gun wouldn't people being shooting
4:01 am
each other? but they're not. >> alisyn: somehow, for some reason, these mass school massacres seem to happen more in suburbs and rural areas. this he don't happen in big cities. >> tucker: right. >> alisyn: so this is what has prompted the conversation or the school shooting. the school shootings, they break the rules, they happen in remote areas. >> tucker: what piece of gun control as proposed by vice-president biden and the congress, democrats in the congress, would have prevented this last one. >> alisyn: mental health background check. >> tucker: that's not a gun control, that's a screening of people who are crazy. >> alisyn: apparently part of this comprehensive plan they're coming up with. >> clayton: we mean more details on it obviously, and i think there needs to be a broader discussion, including some things left off the table. i find it odd, out of the outrage of the n.r.a.'s speech, lack ever connection to broader issues, mental health, otherwise, assault rifles, some of the criticism
4:02 am
has been wait you're on the no-fly list, the government deems you potential, no-fly list, and they don't mind you still being able to get a gun. if you're on the no-fly list you can still purchase a gun. weird disconnects, i don't think, wash with a lot of people. >> tucker: here, there are multiple tasks here, one is to ensure the safety of our children in school, everybody wants that. but there are 309 million people in it country and majority don't commit a crime and own weapons. and how do you craft legislation that protect law abiding citizens and i'm worried that this administration is not interested in protecting the rights of people who committed no crime. >> clayton: from the newspaper incident, individuals who have their names published in the newspaper, law abiding citizens and registered gun owners committed no crime and now, you know. >> alisyn: it opens a can of worms. one of the things we're learning, part of the white
4:03 am
house strategy, is that one way that they're going to supposedly try to win the public over or at least win approval for their plan, is some-- a tactic they've used with obamacare and that is team up with big business. if you can get the wal-marts on your side and you can, because they don't want these gun shows. they're gun retailers. >> tucker: exactly. >> alisyn: they don't want the gun shows because wal-mart doesn't make money. if you insist on the background check and take the gun shows out of business, wal-mart's happy. >> they're on your side. >> alisyn: they are he' on your side. >> tucker: you crush your competitors using federal legislation, this is classic crony capitalism, it happens all the time and many big businesses that were very much in favor of raising taxes of course puts their competitors at a disadvantage, less rich competitors, we've seen this time and again nwashington, trust me, i've lived there,
4:04 am
and using the government to take advantage of the competitors. >> clayton: correct if i'm wrong, wal-mart donor to the obama campaign and part donor for the second inauguration. and also you look back at 2008, granted things have changed and the president admitted this in his speech during the memorial service for newtown, that you know, worst day of his presidency, but also talks about the change that maybe we have to have as a country, but back then, when it was campaign time in 2008, he was arguing on the then senator obama was arguing i'm not the guy that's going to take your gun. has something changed? listen to them then. >> you go home and talking to your buddies, oh, he wants to take my gun away. you've heard it it here, i'm on television and everybody knows it. i believe in the second amendment. i believe in people's lawful right to bear arms. i will not take your shotgun
4:05 am
away. i will not take your rifle away. i won't take your handgun away. >> has any of that changed? >> not that i can-- from what's leaked out what they're planning, not talking about taking guns away, that would be impossible. >> clayton: of course they are. >> alisyn: how? not talking about going into people's houses and taking the gun. >> clayton: no. >> alisyn: taking background checks and-- >> the governor of this very state, governor cuomo talked about confiscating guns he thinks are scary and assault ban, taking away rifles. and the profound ignorance of those that don't know anything about guns. and the idea na is assault rifle is less dangerous than a deer rifle. and-- >> i just want to say that
4:06 am
what we know about, from what's leaking out of the white house is different than what governor cuomo is suggesting. michael bloomberg and governor cuomo have their own plans-- >> but the president himself said in public only about 50 times in the last two months, last two weeks, rather, he would like the assault weapons ban reinstated. >> clayton: and those legislation that people were ignorant on them. it didn't work then. >> tucker: everybody has the same goal, which is to figure out why is this happening, i don't think enough time has been spent pondering that. why would someone go in and murder children. are we in the country thinking about that. who cares what kind of tool he used, why did he do it, the question. >> alisyn: excellent point and we would welcome any of your comments. meanwhile, let's get your headlines, we have a fox news alert. syrian president assad a rare speech, first time since june he has addressed the public on
4:07 am
the state of civil war in his country and assad is standing firm saying he will not step down, and all enemies of syria will quote, go to hell. the speech comes, and that's-- as syrian rebels are closer to the capital of damascus, 60,000 syrians have died during this two-year war. alabama teenager is behind bars in morning, arrested for plotting to blow up his high school. this is an all too familiar story. police say that the 17-year-old self-proclaimed white premises out to get a teacher and six other students and a teacher found his notebook and police found explosives in his home all set to go. >> and he could have gotten-- got out of there-- >> police say they think he learned to make the bomb from the internet. is justin bieber starting the new year off on a high note?
4:08 am
tmz publishing picture they claim this is reportedly the singer smoking pot at a party in california. the biebs, he responded to pictures saying every day, growing and learning, trying to be better, get knocked down, you get up. big, but poetic. >> isn't that a, get knocked down get up again. he was quoting a lyric. >> from the song ♪ i get knocked down, but i get up again ♪ true wisdom there. >> "chumba" womba. >> and justin bieber was holding it for his friend, not doing anything bad. >> clayton: keeping it dry. >> you know. but anyway, we want to talk about the weather, we've got weather coming on snow across the northeast and big news for the northeast, good news for you. we do have lingering snow showers across areas just to the east of the great lakes and some of you guys will be
4:09 am
seeing lake effect snow showers, but not much accumulation either and as we head into portions of the southeast, some lingering rain showers in parts of the carolinas and even into florida. and otherwise the center of the country very quiet and dry, as we head out west, two areas of unsettled weather, one in pacific northwest relatively calm now, light showers and snow showers across the mountains. but california, san francisco, dealing with rainfall and parts of the sierras, dealing with snowfall and you can see as much as eight inches along the higher elevations and you will be seeing some accumulate laces and please be safe if you're hitting roads out there. that particular storm keep an eye on the next several days and head into parts of the plains and produce significant rainfall in parts of the texas. in that area shaded in red is easily over four inches of rain and higher amounts are possible. with that rain you're going to see some thunderstorms that could produce severe weather as we head into tuesday into
4:10 am
mid week and rough weather across texas. temperatures in the teens right now and the midwest, 17 in rapid city. 14 minneapolis and the northeast not too bad in new york city, 35 right now. take a look the at caribou, maine. three degrees, single digits. you factor in the breeze and feels colder. as we take a look at high temperatures for this afternoon, warming up to just 21. minneapolis, 31, in chicago, 50 in the city of dallas. and across the southeast, on a cool note as well. raleigh, north carolina, warming up 50 degrees this afternoon. guys. >> clayton: thanks so much, maria. coming up, it's the pictures of princess diana you were never supposed to see and now we know that-- that's-- >> we know who the mystery man is with her. i'm surprised. we'll see more of that guy coming up. >> there he is. >> that makes more sense. >> ooh. >> all right. then frustrated with the fiscal insanity. the government subjected all of us tochlt our next guest is letting us know with these
4:11 am
signs. ♪ ♪ money, money, money, money ♪ note night money, money, money... money ♪ this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur
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4:13 am
>> welcome back. critics saying avoiding the fiscal cliff does little to pile on public at the time and one group is letting lawmakers know about it. they're posting ads like these all over washington d.c., telling members of the ruling class one thing, talk is cheap overspending is not. the group that teaches complex budget and regulatory issues to the public, gretchen hamel is the executive director. gretchen, good morning. >> good morning. >> tucker: so how will these ads convince people that overspending really is a
4:14 am
problem? i know people have a theoretical concern about the government spending money and hard to convince them. how will this make a difference? >> we have a debate largely about taxes and revenue, but what the problem is is spending, it all comes back to how much we're spending and how the government has been overspending. they've been overspending by a trillion dollars for the past four years and comes down to fixing that source of the problem and spending and we hope the ads will help to educate americans what's going on, but also hold our members accountable and these ads are on capitol hill and have a lot of quotes from obama, from president george w. bush talking about the promises they made to cut spending and they didn't. >> yeah, when do the ads go up. before the fiscal cliff talks or just afterwards? >> they went up actually on new year's eve. and it's basically just to remind everyone of the campaign promises that they
4:15 am
made over the course of the past year, i mean, look the at president obama, and we'll take him as an example, when he first came into office back in 2009, the debt was 10 trillion dollars and he promised to cut it by half before the end of the first term and here we are, 16.4 trillion dollars later. same thing for george w. bush, he came into office back in 2001 when the debt was 5 trillion dollars, said he would cut by 2 trillion dollars and didn't quite get that done. >> tucker: so you make a point you don't often hear made at least among small government advocates in washington. it's a bipartisan, it's not just the obama administration, it's going on for a long time. >> both parties are responsible for it, and i think this is an issue that we have to forget who the messenger is. at the end of the day, this burden will fall on the american public. and to raise taxes on the american people is the easy way out, but the problem is that you cannot tax your way out of this.
4:16 am
you could tax everyone 100% and we still have a debt of 16.4 trillion dollars growing to 21 trillion the end of the next five years. >> have you heard from any members of congress, having-- >> we've heard from a few staffers as they have tweeted them out and you know, we encourage everyone to use the hash tag, talk is cheap. and the inauguration is coming around and the only problem, we wish they could get a little more attention, but unfortunately, you know, rex ryan's biceps was already taken. >> that's a shape. >> thank you gretchen. >> over a million people just saw it here. that's nice. and buying a get out of jail free card is one click away. >> tucker: what if were you told get a flu shot or get out
4:17 am
of the office. two nurses refused for religious reasons and lost their jobs. ♪ aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪
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4:20 am
>> now your news by the numbers. first, 20 bucks how little isis costs it buy a jet get out of jail free cards and out of minor jams and union officials worried they could get in the hands of criminals. 80 billion the record amount spent on food stamps last year, nearly 3 billion than the year before. and 123 billion the price tag on president obama's regulatory agenda, the cost of regulations agencies are considering implementing this year. >> thanks, tucker. approximately one in five americans will be infected with the flu this year, it's a particularly nasty strain this year. but many people would rather take their chances than get the flu shot. you might think that's a personal choice, but when eight nurses at indiana's hospital opted getting out of their shots, they lost their jobs. and two of them are here now.
4:21 am
an oncology nurse, ladies, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> good morning. >> let me start with you, why didn't you want to get the flu shot? >> it was personal conviction and i haven't taken it for 30-plus years, in our home, we used natural alternatives and we really feel like that's the way to keep us healthy. so, it is a life long way that we live and it is personal conviction and that's the way we believe. that's not a whim that i didn't take it, i haven't taken it for a long time and that was my personal right to refuse it. >> joyce, were your reasons similar? >> yes, my reasons are also very he similar, very personal convictions that it is not healthy substance for the research i've done to put in my body and i feel i have the choice to put in my body what is right for me. >> alisyn: sue and joyce, let me read the statement from the month from which you both lost
4:22 am
their jobs. they say iu health developed its annual influenza patient safety program based on recommendations from health authorities, including the c.d.c. and ama. each request for exemption were taken seriously and considered by a panel of expert. our top priority they say is the health and well-being of our patients. that last sentence is what of course is most important. sue, i mean, their reasoning is that if you, as a hospice nurse, are carrying the flu, it could have lethal consequences for your patients. >> and it could if i was carrying the flu. nobody's saying that i'm carrying the flu. they're acting like we are ate ones doing that and also, we use, you know, good hygiene and hand washing is number one in avoiding the spread of germs, whether you're in the home or your hospital and that's just standard. and when you say home, if we're sick. but the thing about this flu
4:23 am
shot is that it's efficacy is not what people think. getting the flu shot doesn't protect you 100%, it's 60% effective according to the c.d.c. and that's if, what's in the flu shot matches the viruses out there. 60%. so that means 40 people out of every hundred are not protected with in, with this drug that they're injecting into people's body. they think that it's 100% protected, but they are not. and there's also 200 other strains of flu viruses out there not covered in this shot that we could be carrying. so we have to protect ourselves and have to keep our immune systems up by doing this, the things that are right for us, and that includes proper rest, diet, exercise in our health. we do the vitamin b-3 to improve our immunity on a daily basis, this is a 365 day a year event that-- >> not just flu season. sure of course. and joyce, i mean, less people think that it's neutral and you decided not to get the flu
4:24 am
shot, why bother, part of your concerns, there are side effects from the flu shot. >> that's correct, there are quite a few serious side effects. and gilliam barre, and sue knows a friend who lost someone. and lymphoma, the medical research center in chicago had a study that linked the lymphoma to the flu shot. i have a family history of cancer. it would be ludicrous for me to put it into my body, knowing there are known carcinogens in there. >> alisyn: sue, did you know by making this, what you considered to be a personal choice that you were going to lose your job. >> yes, ma'am, i did. i certainly knew that. and a year ago they were talking about possibly make it go mandatory, that would be a conviction i would stand by and i didn't change that conviction. >> alisyn: joyce, what about you? >> i know that you loved your
4:25 am
job, an oncology nurse and that's necessary, patients relied on you. did you know you were going to pay this sort of price? >> i was -- yes, i knew i would pay this price honestly, i was surprised it came down to this, but i knew from the outset i would have to walk away rather than get a flu shot, i feel that strongly about it it. >> alisyn: well, ladies, you've made a personal choice and you're obviously standing on your convictions. thanks so much for sharing with us your motivation. it's interesting to hear both your stories, sue and joyce, great to talk to you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much alisyn. >> alisyn: next on the rundown, a picture of princess diana you were never supposed to see. now we know who that mystery man is behind her. and then, as your taxes go up and food prices spike, here comes obamacare, the nation's leading insurers are reported reportedly ready to double their rates. how did that happen?
4:26 am
4:27 am
4:28 am
♪ >> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning. >> hi, everybody. let's talk about whether or
4:29 am
not you are the greatest, because apparently-- >> you're the greatest, you are. >> alisyn: okay, you're right, i am the greatest, but i am ahead of my time because it is this new crop of young people who apparently do not suffer from lack much self-confidence. they're called the entitlement nation, college kids now days and there have been studies that prove this, show they all think they are well above average, even when they are not above average, they're average or sub par and some not up to their grade level with reading or writing. forget academics, i think our schools have done such a great job of infusing these younger generation with self-esteem that they've gone overboard. >> tucker: it works, it turns out if you tells kids from birth they're wonderful, they're unique, really, you're a genius and talents-- people will actually believe it, why wouldn't they? that's not necessarily a good thing, because in the end.
4:30 am
the root of wisdom is knowing your limitations and your flaws. if you don't know those, you cannot make wise decisions. >> a 30% increase doing this study since 1966. asking the freshmen to rate themselves, so this is the most, i don't know, narcissistic generation, also, but i agree with you on this. my wife does all of this research on child development and she's genius when it comes to this stuff, but when you call your kids genius and you're so smart, you're so smart, it's a bad thing. we're now aware of this, and we don't think we were when they were raised. if they're too smart they'll never try things that put them at risk. they won't take risks they don't want to appear not smart. >> tucker: and you don't want your children to be self-centered, as a father of four i can say-- your parents is to make them more aware of other people and
4:31 am
less aware and fix yated on themselves. telling them they're wonderful makes them self-centered and that's the last thing you want. >> clayton: what do you want to tell them. >> tucker: get the hell out of bed. >> alisyn: and with other people and help them see what their shortcomings may be, and they can work on those, just saying they're great. and i had drinks the other day with a young woman and she was talking about the guy she wants, the-- all of these new york guys they're so lousy i want one with a great job who makes a lot of money who is very responsible, who does this and that and i said what do you bring to the table just out of curiosity. >> tucker: i want someone rich, hot and love me and bring me to paris every quarter. good luck. >> clayton: did you tell you those guys don't exist? >> right. they've been hunted to extinction. i've told her. >> clayton: if you're in manhattan, and online dating scenario appear to be more attractive and put a photo
4:32 am
from seven years ago up there or they say that they've had a current job, oh, i just lost that job, but did have at some point and a gentleman at new york hit a brilliant thing using online dating to get back a stolen gadget, iphone. it's new year's eve, partying with alisyn, in a cab happening all the time and lose your phone, and slips out in the cab. loses it, some other guy gets in the cab, steals it, thinking, oh, i'm done and lost the phone altogether and starts noticing e-mails going out from his phone from his account through an online dating service, so he signs up for the online dating service and then goes after this individual and pretends to be a woman and agrees to go on a meeting with him and set up a date and pretends to be a woman, the guy that stole his phone shows up at his door, with wine, and-- >> wearing a lot of cologne. >> alisyn: this is the victim. >> a victim. >> alisyn: sets up a booby
4:33 am
trap, no pun intended pretends he's a woman and the guy who stole his iphone thinks he has a hot date with a woman so he slathers himself in cologne and hi, is this my iphone. >> grabs a hammer and he comes to the door and grabs a hammer and $20 bill and goes to the door and says, hello. >> and he thought he was going to have to hit the guy or something, had a $20, i don't know why he had the 20, give him 20 for his phone back? >> what an idiot. >> all women online are actually men. (laughter) >> there are no women on the internet. they're too smart for that, they're leading real lives, having actual conversations with human beings, not trolling around online sending pictures of themselves, those are dudes. do not respond. >> alisyn: that's a great lesson, tucker. >> clayton: wasting so much time online. (laughter) talking to our floor crew. >> clayton: i'm inadvertently
4:34 am
talking to chris, im, on the chat. >> alisyn: that's great. all right, so, let that be a lesson to all of you. and meanwhile, let's get the rest of your headlines and what else is happening around the world. it could soon cost you more to visit the doctor. companies across the country are looking to raise rates by double digits and some california companies are proposing rate hikes as much as 26% this year, florida and ohio have seen jumps at least 20%, officials say companies can try to raise rates because only some states were given authority to regulate them under the affordable care act while others were not. there were scary moments tore a georgia mom whose house was broken into while she and her kids were inside. the man tried knocking on the door and no answer he went in. she called her husband, she grabbed a gun and her kids and hid. >> all of a sudden the crawl space door opens where she and
4:35 am
her children are and face-to-face with the perpetrator all, but one bullet hit the man, and a guy with a long rap sheet. taken to the hospital and expected to survive and face charges. >> a woman who escaped a burning home after a small plane crashed into it, speaking out. susan crockett about to leave her home, something made her stop in her tracks. if she kept walking she would have been in the path of the plane. >> i stopped, the plane hit the house, boom. there's no way anyone else should have got out there have, but god has other plans for me. >> alisyn: no one else inside the home was hurt, but the three people inside the plane were killed. that cause is being investigated. all right, we now know who the mystery man is in the newly released photo of a young princess diana. adam russell. well, that solves the mystery. and it was taken during a ski
4:36 am
trip in 1980 when diana was a teenager and russell was a student at oxford university and the two were hurt on the slope and he liked diana, they were just friends. a newspaper editor decided not to publish the picture back then, but the new owner is putting it up for sale. >> and i thought that was a picture of two women. >> tucker: i did, too. >> alisyn: the hair styles were different in 1980. >> clayton: i thought they were referring to the back of the guy's head there. >> tucker: the david bowie-like figure in the background. bushy hair. >> clayton: let's go to maria in the cold weather. >> good morning, out in the gold weather, feels very january-like out here outside our studios in new york city. we've had flurries on and off in new york city during the overnight hour and most of that's over with, on the radar further off to the east and north of new york city, so if you live in massachusetts you're looking at some the flurries going on around now. and as far as the accumulation not really much of that in the northeast, maybe if you live
4:37 am
off the lake. you could be seeing a couple of inches of snow, that's about it. we're returning to sunshine later on this afternoon and termperatures into the low 40's in new york city, today will be a little bit after warmer afternoon in comparisoes in the southeast, some showers across northern florida and central florida, 81 degrees for you in miami, a nice, warm afternoon and 50's and 50 for you in oklahoma city and portions of the midwest, it's going to stay chilly even into the afternoon with fargo expecting a high at just 20 degrees, very chilly out there and snow showers also expected for the great lakes. back to you guys in the the stewed he yo. >> thanks so much, maria. >> football time, let's chat about football because we're snack dab in the middle of the wild card. did you watch? >> wild card, that's football, right? >> post games, i've watched all of them proving they deserve to be in the playoffs. >> alisyn: here to give us a recap of yesterday's games and set us up with a preview today
4:38 am
is rich "big daddy" delgato, insurance consultants for more than 500 professional athletes. good morning, big daddy. >> clayton: i have 500 professional athletes how many are playing in the playoffs. >> about 14. >> clayton: your loyalties are split around the league. walk us through yesterday, because it was a blood bath. houston texans beat up on the bengals. walk us through. >> houston, they should have scored more points, but cincinnati had a good game plan. offensively they just did not get it going. i mean, it was just, you know, everybody said those games, that a game was boring and i have to agree, it was. >> alisyn: has the super bowl happened yet? (laughter) >> no, we're not there yet. >> alisyn: what's going to happen? >> i don't know we don't know who is there yet. >> clayton: yesterday a preview, we thought maybe minnesota was going to make it further and maybe deeper than they did yesterday, but it was just a walk in the park for
4:39 am
the packers yesterday. >> when you have a guy that hasn't played all year and all of a sudden, go get out there and play, it was tough. and green bay at home is a tough place to play. >> tucker: i think it's pretty cheer that god is on the side of the washington redskins, do you agree with that? i mean, are they going to make it? >> you know what? i don't know. it's so funny, they run a simple high school offense with a superb athlete that's the quarterback. >> tucker: yeah. >> seattle seems to be, oh, they haven't won outside their stadium, but i don't know, seem to be a team of destiny. >> tucker: you think that seattle is the team of destiny. >> i think so. >> tucker: oh, i don't know. >> i think they're balling and i think it's going to be interesting today and don't be shocked. >> clayton: let's preview today and talk indianapolis colts been on fire of course and a great story with coach pagano coming back after dealing with chemotherapy and leukemia, could have,. and leading them right into the playoffs. what do you think for colt
4:40 am
colts-ravens. >> with ray lewis playing his last home game ever there, the place will be electric. and colts will have their hands full. and chuck is a friend of mine, glad he's healthy and the playoff game, but-- >> and they're going to play together. >> play together even though i've got guys on washington, even from administrative side and all that, like i said, i think that seattle seems to be a team of destiny. >> tucker: where are you betting? >> i don't bet. >> tucker: i know you don't bet. let's say you had a friend who bets. where would he-- >> say pete rose. >> i don't know anybody, even when they have the little dollar betting thing, i don't even get involved so i can't honestly give you an answer when it comes to that. >> and super bowl, to answer alisyn's questions she's focused on because she can eat chicken wings and nachos. >> if i had a gun to my head i'm going on a limb to say
4:41 am
denver and seattle. >> denver-seattle. >> alisyn: you heard it here first. >> big daddy. thank you. >> tucker: thank you. >> i'll have gumbo for you in new orleans i'll be down there doing the show as well. >> alisyn: that's right. >> i will definitely, as long as kilmeade lets me he likes to hog the spotlight. >> alisyn: i know. >> coming up, a very rare sight of a black iceberg. how the heck did that happen? >> well, how. >> tucker: then he spent five years as prisoner of war and now successful businessman and have the tips you need to become a strong leader. ♪ in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recyc when you spend $50 on hp in staples. th was easy.
4:42 am
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4:43 am
>> time for quick headlines. let's take a look at this. it's a black iceberg, the picture was on a social
4:44 am
networking site two days ago and viewed more than a million times. black iceberg forms when rock materials are in the ice and not known where it's taken, but some speculate somewhere in new zealand. it's only january, but men's health magazine picked the hottest women of 2013. ♪ >> number one is katy perry. ap the magazine says it didn't get enough of the 28-year-old superstar singer. russell brandt could. let's go over to clayton. >> clayton: agree with that. where are you on the list. >> alisyn: wait for 2014. >> clayton: the picture you're looking at from 1967. back then colonel lee elliss was air force fighter pilot held in vietnam over five years in hanoi. he says it helped him not only to survive the experience, but made him a better leader and he's written about it, the life lessons in a new book, go
4:45 am
out and pick it up "leading with honor, leadership lessons from the hanoi hilton" nice to see you on the set. >> good to see you. who would have naught 40 years later the lessons are as needed today in society as the p.o.w. camp. >> clayton: it's remarkable and especially after we've been talking about being held, and jon hammar held for five months. and tell us about your experiences before we dive into the the experience in the book. >> i was an f-4 pilot shot down and captured almost immediately two weeks to get to hanoi hilton, a fortress prison in downtown hanoi. was there total time as a p.o.w., five and a half years, i was in there some of the bad times and eventually, thanks to the american people, treatment actually did improve the last couple of years. >> clayton: so a long recovery period. but that time you learned to not be broken and to survive and some of the things i think that maybe some who have never
4:46 am
gone somethithrough something l this and you talk about five leadership lessons. first of all, knowing yourself. how in those dark times do you manage to do that? >> well, first of all, knowing myself going in was very important. i knew my personality. i'm adventurous, action oriented and so that put me in that situation and i'm a take charge person so i'm very adventurous, all of those things helped me to be comfortable, more comfortable in that situation, as a p.o.w. also, my purpose. i wanted to serve my country, being a carewarrior is part of o i am. passion, purpose, personality. i was passionate about flying and values, know your values. when you have all of that packaged together, then you can be authentic and that's one of the goals is to be authentic, to be who you really are and not try to be somebody else. now, in the p.o.w. camps we had lot of time to reflect and during those times, i reflected on things i wished i'd done better and of course,
4:47 am
as time went on, i grew out of that experience and i think we grow out of tough times. >> you can guard your character and confront your doubts and fears. you're face-to-face with them there. >> yes, absolutely. first of all, guard your character means you have to be on guard all the time. you can't just say i'm a person of good character and that makes it happen. you have to be alert and renewing your commitments, what you're committed to. what are the values. >> and then fear, courage is so important, you have to confront your doubts and fears. if the guys at penn state and the administration and athletic department confronted their fears, what might happen if it got out and done the right thing it would have been a totally different world and wouldn't have covered it up. >> clayton: imagine that. >> bounce back and be resilient and mission add tell us about those. >> bouncing back, recognizing when times are tough, then, remember when you had good
4:48 am
times before and he when you've had bad times before and you bounce back. also, looking at other people, like the senator from illinois, senator mark kirk, who bounced back from a stroke and he had a goal, he had a plan, and he walked his way into walking up those 45 steps and i think that's when we take a hit we've got to have a plan to work our way back into it. >> clayton: colonel lee elliss, the book, a remarkable cover, "leading with honor" of course you have a foot on there, a p.o.w. and cleaned up, and nice to be able to bounce back. grab it at your bookstore. lessons from the hanoi hilton. >> thank you. >> clayton: more "fox & friends" coming up in two minutes. eeds. maybe you have questions about incorporating a business you'd like to start. or questions about protecting your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like to find the right attorney to help guide you along, answer any questions and offer advice. with an "a" rating from the better business bureau
4:49 am
legalzoom helps you get personalized and affordable legal protection. in most states, a legal plan attorney is available with every personalized document to answer any questions. get started at today. and now you're protected.
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4:51 am
>> now, i've got nothing against them, i love them except when they're in my camp and eyeballing my meat. this grizzly is a full grown, mature adult. now he's running. >> he's sprinting. >> and go! go! >> my gosh. >> alisyn: i would be running. >> clayton: i would be running
4:52 am
the opposite way. >> alisyn: he's an a hunting at heart and likes to talk about the adventures like the giant grizzly that ce dangerously close to camp. and his show "meat eater" and the author of the book "meat eater is here", have you had bear meat? >> a lot of it. >> tucker: some say it's greasy and-- >> last night. and i like to trim the fat away. it's not as bad. if you get a good bear that's been eating a good diet of blueberries, whatever, it's remarkably similar to beef. >> clayton: in that video and we see more of it on the show, were you trying to get the bear away from the camp. >> he was running towards us and i was running towards him because the thinking is that he's coming in, coming in to claim what's there and we had some caribou meat stakdz up and he's coming there to claim what's there, in this case she
4:53 am
is, and you're trying to be not a good idea. if you would go the other way you would lose your stuff. >> alisyn: how does 5-3 me scare away the grizzly? >> add a couple of feet like this and holler. you have toble it and feel it. if you believe and feel it, they sense you you believe and feel it. >> so you-- >> like. >> going to stop it, i've done it a handful of time and haven't even charged yet. but i used to be when i first started hunting a lot in areas that had grizzlies, i used to be pet phied, but whatever was if my brain to fear them ran out, it wore out. now i welcome their presence. i like to be around them, but i don't get out of my way looking for trouble. >> tucker: two questions for you, this is the caribou meat in that show. >> yes. >> tucker: you eat everything and you do everything you can
4:54 am
with it. >> all the edible organs, everything, but this animal was killed on the actual show that we'll be airing, you know, the season premier and i took the author tim ferris out. >> a friend of the show. >> alisyn: should we sample something? this is jerky. >> this is like a-- this is much, much cleaner and just easier than the stuff you get-- >> been there, tucker. >> caribou. >> it's spiced and died. >> what's your favorite game. >> elk and caribou. >> a question he for you, my wife and i were camping this summer. >> alisyn: delicious. >> and little black bears walked by our camp presumably a mother and a cub walking by. she was so terrified and said we're tearing down camp and going home. >> and they were walking by, they'll be back. >> get in the camper to tell
4:55 am
her to calm down. >> i think they should calm a little bit down. i think you need to find your way to be comfortable. i would never advice someone to do something outside of what they felt was the proper thing to do at a given moment. >> clayton: you're not helping me. >> tucker: a good way to get in trouble. >> you need to make the case as your own life. i have a wife and with issues-- >> great to see you, thanks for bringing breakfast for us, adventure on meat eater, it's on tonight on sportsman channel at 9 p.m. great to see you. >> thanks so much john roberts filling in for chris wallace and talks about the president's nomination of chuck haggle for secretary of defense and the uphill battles he may face coming up. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
4:56 am
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use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> good morning, everyone, i'm alisyn camerota. the vacation is over and president obama is headed back to washington and gearing up
4:58 am
for another potential fight with congress, this time over his likely choice of chuck haggle for defense secretary. our own john roberts is going to weigh in on this this hour. these streets are supposed to be named off war heroes, instead, local politicians caught up on a corruption scandal named the streets after themselves. >> clayton: how selfless. plus, a six-year-old gets tossed out of class for pointing his fingers and a gun gesture. did the school overreact? we'll report you decide. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ >> that was a delicious breakfast of caribou jerky we just had. it's really good. >> tucker: and the best breakfast all week. >> clayton: better than the gas station stuff. >> tucker: the gas station caribou. >> clayton: like shoe leather. >> alisyn: and let's talk
4:59 am
about the stories that had so much of our attention today, judging by your e-mails, what the white house plans to do in terms of gun control. obviously, after the tragedy in newtown, connecticut the president came out and made that impassioned speech, we can't allow this would be a country that allows this to happen. and tasked joe biden and there is information sneaking out of that task force. >> clayton: some of what we know, general terms and nothing has been put on the table as of yet. here is what we can tell you. universal background checks for firearms. and data base, strengthened mental health checks, and stiffened penalties for carrying guns near schools or giving them to minors, i'm sure much will be modified, things added and people will lobby hard for what they want to be included in these plans,
5:00 am
but right now, those are some of the general plans. >> the theme is consistent and almost all of these with the exception of the background checks, the theme is that by clamming down on private gun ownership you'll make the country safer and prevent criminals from using guns and prevent mental patients from shooting strangers, there's no evidence at all of that. and in real life, the effects of the ordinary decent law abiding gun owners if i give a shotgun to my 16-year-old gun for christmas which i would like to do, do i have to register that with the federal government? is it a crime to give a gun to a minor if you're a child and using it for duck hunting? the risk is real, ordinary people who have done nothing wrong will be penalized under this. >> alisyn: and last time there was an assault gun ban, so-called assault gun ban, for ten years, it didn't do much of anything. >> it was a broken-- >> to stop gun violence and
5:01 am
particularly the mass shootings which prompted this outcry now. so many people said there were so many loopholes in it, you could buy a so-called assault rifle or a semi automatic if it was manufactured 1993 and those were all in the system and there were all sorts of loopholes, will they do something differently this time or all of this legislation prove fruitless again? >> it's sort of weird exceptions for things, you know, that the n.r.a. frankly hasn't been comfortable discussing and/or supporting if you're on the no-fly list and the government deems you a potential terrorist threat and you're on the no-fly list and buy a gun and some of the weird inconsistencies, again, the task forces are going to have a lot of tasks for some sort of plan and in newtown, mental illness. and how do you couple it or decouple it as a separate issue. you have guidance counselors at schools more aware or able
5:02 am
to interact with students and able to cut education budgets. one way of thinking about it though, after 9/11 we didn't spend a ton of time thinking about what was wrong with airplanes, used as weapons of mass destruction in that massacre. we thought about why the people did it. why would people commit this kind of atrocity and zero time why people are committing these massacres at schools and that's the thing we ought to be studying. and with airplanes, we spent a lot of time with the security system and putting in bullet-proof doors on the cockpits. >> no one is talking about banning air travel or evil because they were used as a tool as a gun is. >> alisyn: i think that part of what you're saying and proves your point, we're very reactive. we're very reactive and now we have to take off our shoes and we have to get extra frisked grannies in wheelchairs are pressed because we're reactive
5:03 am
because somebody brought something bad on to an airplane. now, we're being reactive and i think that your point is thif we could figure out the seed planted why somebody wants to kill innocent six year olds. >> tucker: there's no other way. and mcchrystal talking about the rolling stone article he participated in. peter joins us with the latest on that. >> reporter: retired general mcchrystal's new book comes out tomorrow called "my share of the task" he takes full blame for the damage done to his career by the rolling stone article, the run away general, included the conversation between mcchrystal and some of his aides, where they're making fun of the vice-president, joe bide biden. shortly after that article he flew to d.c. without advice
5:04 am
and offered president obama his resignation after 34 years of service and writes according to an excerpt push blished by the associated press he's typically open and transparent and trusting by nature, but he suggests that the free-lance author of that rolling stone article, michael hastings, might have been unworthy of his trust, still though, he does not blame hastings for the abrupt end to his distinguished career and rights, this is a quote, regardless of how i judged the story for fairness or accuracy, responsibility was mine and there's an account in the new book about the argument between military leaders in kabul and political leaders in d.c. over troop levels, at one point, when things in afghanistan were going downhill, mcchrystal says he asked president obama for 40,000 more troops, but president obama gave him 30,000 and then told him that other countries were going to have to fill in the 10,000 troop gap.
5:05 am
the retired general writes that he was worried when president obama announced withdrawal dates for those troops, he did not choose to challenge the commander-in-chief about his decision, back to you in new york. >> alisyn: thanks so much, peter. tune in to hannity tomorrow night, retired general mcchrystal will be there for the entire hour and a lot to talk about. and an alabama teenager is behind bars, arrested for plotting to blow up his high school, and police say the 17-year-old the so-called white supremacist, out to get the teacher and six students and police found explosives at his home they say were ready to be used. >> and got in the school, could have got the whole school. he could have just got all of them at once. >> alisyn: police say they think he learned to make the bomb on the internet. there's a frantic search underway for the head of the
5:06 am
iconic missoni fashion house. his wife and two crew members were also on board. victorio is the oldest son of the company's founder. the plane was head today caracas, when it dropped off the radar, 45 minute trip from where it took off. and the first republican governor in 20 years, swearing in in north carolina. and the former mayor of charlotte, he takes over for beverly purdue who chose not to run for a second term. >> our goal is to lead and to govern and to serve with a purpose and that's what we're going to begin doing today. >> does he bear an uncanny resemblance to dave on channel 5. he also does the weather. >> alisyn: he does. what happens when you get too close to a baby crocodile?
5:07 am
clayton is going to tell. look the at the little swimmers in australia trying to get up close to a reptile and camera is almost there when the crock jumps up and dive bombs one of the swimmers. >> i didn't know they could fly. >> they were able to get away with no sign of injury. >> clayton: baby crocodiles are still crocodiles. >> alisyn: they're cute. >> tucker: cute is strong, kittens are cute. >> alisyn: okay, deadly, i got it. >> tucker: there's a fine line between cute and deadly. (laughter) >> that's right, here she is, maria molina, cute and deadly. >> maria: good morning, good to see you guys. good morning, everyone, and today we're tracking two storms, one across the east thankfully relatively weak and through the northeast and new england, and off the great lakes, not much accumulation to the relatively weak system. we're seeing showers across georgia, the carolinas, and northern parts of the central florida could be dealing with
5:08 am
showers later on this afternoon. the center of the country dry, but out west, an area of disturbed weather and mountain snow across the sierras, and could be seeing as much accumulation as eight inches of snow on higher elevations and keep in mind if your a driving in california and that storm system the next several days will head east producing portions of oklahoma and texas and basically over four inches of rain possible for some of you, keep in mind, flooding could be an issue for some of you and also severe weather by the time we head into tuesday, chillier across the midwest and the teens and rapid city, minneapolis and 34 degrees, not too bad for the month of january, you guys. >> not too bad. thanks, maria. cold in texas and colder now down in texas when we learn this story where back in 2006 a group of veterans and veterans families, some of which have lost relatives serving this country, others who were wounded in battle, were told by the local
5:09 am
councilmen, we're building a new subdivision and need to name some streets and need to name the streets and like to do it naming it after you, veterans who served our country. we have an update. it didn't turn out that way. >> tucker: they can't resist naming them after themselves. and they were supposed to be named after veterans, are named after politicians one of whom was involved in a scandal. here is what the family has to say. >> i feel awful. they told us they were going to name the veterans, not anybody else. >> and i feel bad because i think he deserves what they were going to do. >> the veterans are the heroes because they went to fight for our nation. >> you don't want to put the ones that are here, at least put the ones that didn't make it back. >> alisyn: so disgraceful. these were people who were killed in the line of duty. some of whom survived got
5:10 am
purple hearts and yet, the local politicians decide today name it after themselves. feel free to let knauss what you think of this story, find us on twitter. the vacation is over, president obama is headed back to washington and gearing up for another potential fight with congress, this time over his choice of chuck hagel for defense secretaries. john roberts is going to tell us about the update next. >> tucker: one lawmaker pushing to get the lord's prayer back in public schools. will it work? father jonathan morris joins us here. ♪ keeping the faith, yeah, yeah, keeping the faith ♪ this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day...
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and more interior room than corolla and civic? ...and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation and other handy stuff? yeah, that would be cool. introducing the all-new nissan sentra. it's our most innovative sentra ever. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $169-per-month lease on a 2013 nissan sentra. ♪ >> signs are pointing to chuck hagel as being the president's pick for defense secretary, but there could be a tough nomination battle ahead. >> clayton: joining us now to weigh in on this, john roberts filling in for chris wallace on fox news sunday.
5:13 am
>> good to see you, tuck, good to see you. in chuck hagel is the nominee one thing to be assured of tough sledding for him on capitol hill because there are a lot of republicans who don't like this idea. chuck hagel as secretary of defense, say he doesn't have the qualifications and other people are eminently more qualified and don't like a lot of the things he's said in the past. he's seen by some people as being anti-israel because of something he said to former diplomate aaron david miller for his book "much too promised land" he says there are a lot of people on capitol hill afraid of the israeli lobby while's a u.s. senator not an israeli senator. it's interesting to note though that aaronr came out in an article foreign policy magazine saying being misconstrued not anti-semmite. >> you mentioned the right and look from the left, you've got
5:14 am
some gay and lesbian organizations coming out because of comments that chuck hagel, and pushing president obama away from him. >> and the ambassador to luxembourg openly aggressively gay and did he kind of an apology tour on capitol hill just as his name was surfacing. he wasn't the nominee, and susan rice made the rounds of capitol hill before her name was close to nomination and found sob unacceptable. he apologized, but many gay rights groups don't believe it, and say he's not sincere. and from the left and right. if his name comes up for nomination in the confirmation hearing. >> tucker: so, john, the campaign against hagel has been so intense and prolonged that it raises a question why the president would put his name forward anyway knowing there's big fight ahead on this question when he has a lot to take care of.
5:15 am
does it signify a change in the president's foreign policy. >> tuck, you know this better than anybody, the president decided he's the one that firmly has his hands on the reins of foreign policy and likes it very much in the oval office and decided that chuck hagel is his guy. in a given environment, would he have floated his name as a trial balloon as is believed to have happened here and as it went and withdrew it? maybe he would have after what happened with susan rice, i think, tucker, you know that everybody here in washington says, you know, you can do that once, but you can't do it twice, otherwise it looks like your decision making process as brit hume famously said to clinton in the '90s that has something after zig-zag quality to it. i think he's got to go forward with this. they say they haven't contacted hagel about it, but the president is on the way back from hawaii now, and certainly he's not officially announced as the nominee and that's expected to happen
5:16 am
either tuesday or according to some, either monday or according to some reports, more likely on tuesday. >> alisyn: john, what are you going to be talking about on your show. >> we'll be talking about that, not surprisingly. with the fiscal cliff deal done with revenue, the next big battle coming up and three significant deadlines the end of february shall the debt ceiling battle has to take place, the beginning of march, sequester kicks in end of march and we're going to be talk as you saw with chris van holland and newly minted senator ted cruise. he's one of the people who has to vote up or down on hagel and find out what he nis about him. and his prescriptions for fixing the republican party. should the republican party trend more to moderate, a demographic shift or should conservatives retrench and stick to party ideals and we'll find out what cruz thinks the republican party stands for. >> alisyn: john, you only have
5:17 am
an hour, i don't know how you're going to do that on a fox news sunday. >> the same way you folks do it, alisyn, talk quickly. >> clayton: kill the commercial breaks. >> alisyn: i like that. >> clayton: and by the way, go ahead, tucker, great job, good to see you on the show this morning. >> tucker: thanks, john, appreciate that. >> thanks. >> alisyn: we'll be watching. >> clayton: coming up he pointed his finger his a gun and got a six-year-old tossed out of class. the school overreact? we report you decide. >> tucker: and then the oscar nominations out this week. who is getting picked and who is it getting dissed? will lincoln make the cut? we'll ask coming up. >> hundreds of thousands-- >> must never declare equal those who god created unequal. i feel so alone. but you're not alone. i knew you'd come. like i could stay away. you know i can't do this without you. you'll never have to.
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5:20 am
>> a six-year-old maryland boy is speaking out after being suspended from school after making a gun gesture with his finger. >> pointing his finger like this and she did the sign and i went like that and sent to the office again and i'm the one that gets suspended for nothing. >> tucker: the suspension has now been reversed, but questions remain, did the school overreact or was extra caution justified in the wake of the newtown elementary school massacre. joining us now for a fair and
5:21 am
balanced debate is blogger. and also a school counselor, thank you for joining us, i don't think that anybody believes this six-year-old was planning to massacre begin with his index finger, isn't there therefore a hysterical gesture to-- >> and i have a six-year-old daughter, and thinking, are you kidding me they've suspended a kid over this. having worked in a high school, there's more than the kid pointing his finger. from what i heard a couple of incidences that took place, kid was talked to and the school officials i'm sure they're nervous considering what happened in newtown themselves and probably overreacted, but the address had to be addressed somehow and you know, probably could have been a better way of doing that. >> and jen, not knowing anything about this boy's background or behavior, i wonder if the best way to handle it, talk to him and
5:22 am
educate him. they are educators and sending him home and punishing him might not be the way to do that. >> there's a difference between discipline and punishment. this is straight punishment. discipline would teach the child why he shouldn't be doing that. my son told me in kindergarten, the kids ran around and using finger guns shooting each other and the teacher explained why this was wrong. >> tucker: if it teaches the children that some adults don't have emotional control, and after watching the newtown massacres, shouldn't the teachers have full control of emotions and not be hysterical and not overreact? isn't it scary to children? >> i remember sitting at my desk at the high school when i heard this and i was emotionally overtaken by it, upset by it, so i think it's far reaching to exeffect the teacher to push aside the
5:23 am
emotions after situation like this. i think it's a lot to ask, as a human being. but on the other hand, it's a six-year-old kid, if this happened a year ago we wouldn't be talking about this right now. >> tucker: right. jen, i wonder, do you think there's too much, as you put it, punishment, not enough discipline in schools? >> i think the easy answer is to punish a child and takes more work to discipline them. but, listen, as a soccer coach of boys, i know boys will be boys and you need to teach them discipline, not punishment. >> tucker: give me the distinction how you would teach discipline versus punishing. >> why they don't do that and why it's bothering the teacher and redirect their attention to something more positive. >> alisyn:. >> tucker: do you agree with that? >> i do agree. one thing overlooked here in support of the school administration, not supporting the suspension on that end. bun overlooked piece here, the fact that the school has the
5:24 am
obligation to protect her kids in the classrooms, i'm sure that's something on their mind. god forgive one was by the counselor and sent home, damned if you do and damned if you don't and-- >> i don't think you're damned by declaring a sick-year-old's finger not dangerous, your finger is not-- it's like bobby brady and jessie james, the brady bunch. and driving a tank over a station wagon, that's indeed arnold schwarzenegger behind the wheel. >> it's not a movie. and can you eat your way to a stress-free life? i've tried. apparently you can, we're going to show you how. ♪ ♪ grains.
5:25 am
great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. grains. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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5:27 am
♪ >> you don't know where to go ♪ >> . this is perfect for the next talking point. which is-- >> taco, "putting on the ritz" i used to dance around the front yard and my mom would laugh. i thought this was-- do you remember the video, the top hat, formal attire.
5:28 am
>> alisyn: how appropriate because we're talking about whether or not america has become too informal, you know, with casual fridays and people in silicon valley and facebook guys wearing their hoodies and their sneakers. >> clayton: guys. >> alisyn: the guys wearing their hoodies to work. well, now there is a backlash against that and people are voting for formal fridays, it's breaking out all over the country. >> clayton: of course it is. >> tucker: how boring is it to wear a hoodie to work, all the cool kids do that. >> clayton: it's comfortable. to stand out go in the opposite direction, in order to be hipster, wear top hats and a long tail coat. >> tucker: 100% if you're truly cutting edge, you will wear gloves. >> alisyn: white gloves. >> tucker: white gloves. >> clayton: steve right, a bunch of e-mails, in my school, the male teachers and students do bow tie thursdays and that's in london and we
5:29 am
could teach awe thing or two about formal fashion. >> tucker: that's true, but if you go to london a pretty grungy population, no offense. >> clayton: nothing to read into that. >> alisyn: i want to get into the heart of the matter, bow ties, he says people respect a bow tie, you were pummelled for it. >> tucker: in great britain i was not bum melled thankfully i believe in self-defense, i could have been pummelled for sure. people despise you when you wear a bow tie not in charleston or rhode island, a strong hold of bow tie phelia. but the big apple. if you're a nation of islamic guy and come up to me often so nice to me. >> alisyn: they're recruiting you. >> tucker: the nation of the farrakhan guys. >> clayton: they wear bow ties yoo and theirs are pre-tied and not to brag, i would tie myself. >> clayton: when i was a kid i had a clip on bow tie. >> tucker: don't admit that.
5:30 am
>> clayton: and the first grade teacher i had a dress up day for the teacher and looked forward to it and the behavior at that was-- >> excellent that day. was your behavior better, tucker, when you wore a bow tie? >> oh r oh, no, much filthier, you're wearing a bow tie, nobody suspects it. >> alisyn: a wolf in sheep's clothing. and gordy says i'm with tucker when i was 21 i use today wear a bow tie to work every day. >> tucker: what are you doing now? i'd like fries with that, please. >> sorry. >> alisyn: and is it your thing to diss-- >> no, when i worked at the video store saturday matinee, i had to wear a cumberbund and a bow tie, i forgot. don't laugh. i get laughed enough by that outfit and walk around for the lunch in the mall. >> tucker: going to orange julius. >> clayton: that tool, he's
5:31 am
got a cumberbund on. >> alisyn: very nice. let's get the rest of your headlines and feel free to keep the comments coming. we start with a very serious story, apparently been another deadly shooting in aurora, colorado. this time a gunman killed three family members inside the home and shot his sta sister-in-law, her boyfriend and father the wife managed to escape out the window. and frightened neighbors were told to stay inside the home. >> the stairways and we heard two shots and then exactly 22 minut minutes-- nothing happened, was quiet. pretty sure that they had got him. >> alisyn: after several hours, the gunman shot at police and they fired back killing him. no word on a motive. police think he was on drugs. thousands nationwide headed to hobby lobbyor the company's stand against obamacare and they mobilized
5:32 am
the grass roots campaign's stand with hobby lobby. >> we want to be free and have the government freedom to worship god how we want to. >> alisyn: the company's now facing 1.3 million dollars in fines per day because it refuses to offer health insurance that covers birth control. it's official, french actor gerard depardieu is now a russian citizen. meeting with president vladimir putin to pick up his russian passport. waste granted citizenship last week and depardu wanted out of france because they attempted to raise taxes on the rich by 75%, that plan was struck down, but he still went to russia. take a look at this massive tank crushing this car. the best part of this story is who is behind the wheel of the tank. that would be action movie star and former governor of california, arnold schwarzenegger. you don't believe us? check out this picture and you still won't believe us. and that is supposedly the
5:33 am
governator standing next to his tank. yes, he owns that tank. the stunt was to promote his new movie "the last stand", where do you park a tank at your house. >> he probably has a big driveway. >> tucker: i think he's got a smaller driveway now. >> and let's check with maria molina how the weather is around the country. >> maria: good to see you. good morning, everyone. it feels cooler out here in new york city than earlier this morning because the wind's picked up. so the temperatures are still about 35 degrees and we're going to see them climb into the low 40's in new york city, a little warmer today than we saw yesterday. we have actually on and off flurries earlier this morning and right now seems like new york city is dry and the worst toward the north. no accumulation across most of the northeast, the exception right off the great lakes where you could see a couple of inches, but not a big deal for the people out there. otherwise, tail end of the system across northern florida and central florida, on and off rain showers throughout
5:34 am
the day and west of that, dry, atlantic, expecting a chilly temperature. 59 in austin and 51 for your high temperature in oklahoma city and planes dry, not expecting rain today, but heads up, texas, there's a storm that will be impacting you coming up next tuesday. the midwest dry and cold, 19 for your high temperature in fargo, bundle up. 38 in north platte and 37 for your high in kansas city, and impacting san francisco with areas of rain, higher elevations of the sierras, looking at snowfall early it hour and expect accumulation as well at pass level. so be please be careful if you're doing any driving above 5,000 feet could see as much as eight inches of snow. some significant snowfall accumulation, good news for anyone wanting to ski out there. that's the storm that's going to head east. the next couple of days producing significant rainfall across texas and oklahoma with as much as four inches of rain
5:35 am
possible and severe weather. so of course, we'll keep a close watch on that system. now, let's head over to clayton and tucker. >> thanks, maria. food for thought and you can eat your way to becoming stress-free. >> clayton: about time. and she will ale tell us what foods will leave us less frazzled. >> tucker: karen, i know the answer, pizza, and-- >> that's what a lot of people want to hear. >> tucker: that works. >> i'm here to tell you there are foods that can de-stress us. >> let's start for breakfast. oatmeal. >> my favorite breakfast, a calming food. and oatmeal has a complex carbohydrate and seratonin and fiber which keeps you full and great source of b vitamins which promotes healthy nervous system. so, great, great to start your day off and my favorite meal
5:36 am
is to add the next food we're talking about, seared oatmeal and chia seeds. >> clayton: and we heard about them yesterday. >> chia seeds are gaining popularity and find them in health food stores. they have stress busting nutrients, magnesium, phosphorus, b vitamin soluable fiber and they have the omega fatty acid and help with your cortical levels. >> tucker: they were off the chart. >> that's a bad thing. >> clayton: and the chia here-- do you put them on the salmon, too. >> salmon a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and one of my favorite meals i try to encourage clients to eat. chia crusted it's like a happy
5:37 am
meal because-- >> and you can bake it, you can bake it in the oven, it's very simple, actually. >> and these are fantastic, but we've been talking about these. >> well, i have these because the next food i'm talking about is our almonds and almonds are a great on the go snack that relax you because they also have b vitamins and magnesium and zinc, which is important for our adrenal glands and-- >> yeah, like keeping full and make you happy and also, you can take these packs out with you if you're having a stressful day and it's good for portions. you can overportion nuts. almond butter is also a nice option. you have to watch your portions. >> clayton: yeah, with fruit watch your portions and berries. >> you can be more lenient with the fruits with the pourings and fruits have vitamin c which strengthens your immune system which is so
5:38 am
important when you're fighting stress, always a good thing to have in your day. >> clayton: i recommend that. >> and to the-- ed good stuff. >> and mayan super food. >> yeah, it keeps you strong. >> and with your predictions. >> well, yes. >> sweet potatoes. >> great carb, with the seratonin in the brain. >> all my daughter eats right now, no wonder she's so calm. >> very relaxed and it has potassium in it and vitamin b-6 which helps with relaxation. >> dark leavey greens. >> we all know that that's good for us, right? and the thing about dark leaf y greens, promotes relaxation and salad i combined almonds and berries and these are cale chips. >> with garlic. >> garlic has a compound in it
5:39 am
that helps detoxify the body. >> over all of it you can pour cocoa powder. >> this is raw cocoa powder and delicious if you add-- that's why i have a sweetner there and makes you feel good and tell my clients to end their night with hot cocoa made from raw cocoa powder and-- >> really? >> you like that. >> you go to bed happy. >> i'm going to hire you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much and check out the information on fox and and i'm sure ali would be with that garlic and-- >> you like everything you've named, if you can mix it up. that would be great. jimmy kimmel and jaly leno about to go head to head and the war of words beginning. and prayer in schools, father jonathan with his thoughts. ♪
5:40 am
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>> welcome back. a year long celebration of former president richard nixon's-- birth kicks off today in california. he would have turned 100 and the celebration of his presidential library, include a wreath laying, keynote address and military flyover. and jimmy kimmel has fighting words for jay leno, on rolling stone cover, saying his late night rival has been a good standup in 20 years and he's sold out. and kimmel is moving to 11:35 tomorrow night and the same time slot as jay leno and david letterman and leno fired
5:43 am
back and starting his show at 11:34. >> alisyn: a running start. and republican state senator is making a new push to start the day with prayer at public schools in indiana amid what he calls attack on religion, is this a good idea? >> let's ask fox news religion contributor father jonathan morris. >> anger people and i would put this on facebook and twitter and people got angry and my mom called me and got upset. >> alisyn: wow. >> i said i don't agree with this legislator's approach. let me explain why. when we say public schools, what we really mean is government schools. these are -- we have given to the government the role of educating our children. i think that's a bad idea in the first place, very bad idea. but if we say that the government can mandate in in case a certain prayer, you must-- all schools pray our father. and we should also be totally
5:44 am
open to the idea of another legislator or another court saying that bypass saj age of t koran should be mandated in the school? do you we want that? very good answer. >> you're correctly uncomfortable with the the government pushing a specific dogma and i share that. on the other hand, government schools push a certain dogma every day. i mean, textbooks, push a certain world view, a political view, in fact, a religious view on kids and never called on it. >> tucker, you're exactly right. in a perfect world where the government school totally supports our values, i would say that's wonderful. the problem, however, and i agree with the legislator in his, the desire for prayer to be in school, is that it's not practical at this point. my suggestion is this: my suggestion is this: if we're paying for our kids
5:45 am
to go to government school, the government should get out of the education business and allowing us to choose the school of our choice where our values can be presented. >> clayton: that's an interesting statement. here is the statement from the legislator, put it up on your screen here. my intention in filing this legislation was to foster a conversation about religious liberty in our state and our country. >> well, absolutely he's dead on that we need to have this conversation, i just don't agree with this as a practical approach. >> alisyn: yeah, how about a religious studies course where you go and visit a mosque, you go and visit a temple and catholic churches and protestant churches and everything and have a conversation about it, if that's what he wants to do, how about that? >> that's nice, very nice, there are a small group of people who are mandating the types of things taught in our schools. it was shocking to me that after newtown, connecticut, sandy hook, we had prayer in our school in the public school, the president was sitting there listening to the
5:46 am
prayers, no he problem. but we're at a point right now because of activists if we start allowing schools to mandate the type of prayer we will have some crazy stuff going on. >> tucker: and saying the prayer-- >> saying the prayer is no problem or simply to the point there's no such thing even at the time of silence, why? because i'm an atheist and i don't believe in talking to anybody. it's craziness out there. >> clayton: maybe things will die down a little on your twitter scene after you explained it better than 140 characters. >> i'm absolutely with the legislator saying it's unnatural and unhealthy to be sending our kids eight hours a day where our values cannot be taught. that's why we need school of choice. >> alisyn: thank you, father. it's only january, but men's health picked their woman of 2013. that doesn't seem-- it's not kate upton even though we're showing her
5:47 am
picture. and oscar nominations, who is getting picked and dissed and we'll ask a noted film critic, next. [ale announcer ] staples is the number-one office superstore ink retailer in america. now t $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recyc when you spend $50 on hp in staples. th was easy.
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5:49 am
>> 2012 was a big year at the movies. with academy awards later it
5:50 am
week, which films have the most oscar buzz. >> clayton: here is a movie critics and one of our favorites on the show. creator d", hello kevin. >> it freaks me out to hear you say neared tears. thank you for having me on this morning. >> clayton: you bet. i'm a huge movie fan and i know in the past number of years, i feel like i'm not understanding how they're voting at the academy and how in the world some films get through. who wins and why it ends up happening. can you pinpoint this for us? do they-- >> yeah. >> clayton: what's the deal? >> i love the oscars, my super bowl of movies and over the years have been a little out of touch. i lost faith in the oscars in march of 1999 when they gave best picture to "shakespeare in love" and "saving private ryan" and inception lost to king's speech. albert hitchcock never won an
5:51 am
academy award and raging bull, goodfellas, i wish they'd go for the not so safe pick. >> clayton: what are they going to do year. >> tucker: what's the safe pick and what should win. >> for best picture, a lot of nominations, over the past couple of years they've been doing up to ten nominations, nine last year, ten the year before. this year, they're going to see films like "lincoln", "zero dark thirty," argo. hopefully django unchained and i like lincoln, i think it's a solid film, but why not go for argo or django unchained and lincoln i think is the safe oscar film, but maybe lincoln and split the director katherine bigelow for "zero dark thirty." >> who do you think the best actor. >> acting category someone of the toughest i've seen for best actor. i feel that you're looking at the list going with daniel day-lewis for lincoln, but i would much rather see them
5:52 am
hugh jackman the best performance of his career. in "les mis" live singing, singing into the camera, rare in hollywood musicals these days, but i would love to see, i would love to see hugh jackman make joaquin phoenix and i think they'll he go with daniel day-lewis. >> alisyn: hugh jackman, me liky. >> and we've been saying on our interviews, nerd and saping awesome. >> alisyn: best actress, who do you think. >> a stone cold lock for jessica chastain, biggest emotional arc of the year in "zero dark thirty," and ten year span and see her subtly change, but loving a lot of the other nominees, hopefully see naomi watts up for academy award as well as maria, for rust and bones helen mirren and a girl from beast of the southern wild, six years old. an interesting nomination, but
5:53 am
i think that jessica chastain has it. >> do you think that we'll see leonardo dicaprio for best supporting actor. >> i would geek out and back flip. nominated three times and never won. i feel they're going to the safe route, tommy lee jones in loin c lincoln. i'd love to see leonardo dicaprio he for django unchained or the first from a bond movie, sky fall. >> what about ann hathaway, what do you think. >> ann hathaway, she deserves all five nominations, she was incredible. there was a three-minute and 40 second scene she sings i dreamed a dream not cut once, no cuts in the shot incredible she deserves it, but you might see sally field up there for lincoln as well. an interesting race this year and hoping they think outside the box a little bit and give it to something not so safe.
5:54 am
>> clayton: anne hathaway a strong year and surprised everyone with a performance as cat woman in dark knight rises. >> clayton and i are fellow geeks. >> alisyn: we know that. we see a vulcan mind meld happening here. >> clayton: kevin will be back on friday to see his predictions how they fared. have a great week. >> be out here in l.a. for critics source awards on thursday night. look forward to talking to you guys. >> clayton: great to see you. >> tucker: white house plan for gun control taking shape. we know it's much broader than restating the assault weapons ban and we'll dive into details on that. >> alisyn: she's a superstar and a golden ticket to the super bowl. sam gordon joins us live next. ♪ ♪ they got the beat, they got the beat, yeah, they got the beat ♪
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
good morning, everyone. it's sunday, january 6th. the white house's plan for gun control is taking shape and it will be broader than reinstating the so-called assault rifle ban. we're diving into the details. >> as taxes go up and food prices spike, here comes obamacare. the leading insurers are doubling rates. >> the 9-year-old football superstar who can give any boy a run for his money. sam gordon joins us live this hour. "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. good morning, again, thanks so much for joining us. >> it is "fox & friends" on this sunday morning. >> with clayton morris in for
5:58 am
>> tucker pounded -- i don't know if you know this, he drinks a massive decaf cup of coffee in four minutes. >> yes. >> did you chug that? >> yes, like an animal. as a golden retriever eats ice cream. >> send your photos of you doing that at home this morning. let's start with this, because we're talking about gun control. if you pick up any newspaper this morning you're likely to see what we'll learn from the white house soon, which is that the white house is about to make a broad push for gun control, much broader and further than the assault rifle ban. z in particular, "the washington post" says they learned from inside sources joe biden's task force has come up with universal background checks for firearm buyers, obviously a controversial issue and a loophole in the past. they want to track movement and sales through a national
5:59 am
database, something the a.t.f. called for and strengthen mental health background checks and stiffer penalties for guns near schools. >> like that will deter school shootings. we need to look at mental health but the rest is nonsense. there's no evidence any of it works and it's a distraction from the key question, why are there so many school shoots? what causes a person to want to murder strangers and why are they happening so frequently? >> why are we the most violent country in the world? >> it's a fundraiser question -- fair question. >> president obama came out in the aftermath of the newtown tragedy and talked about looking
6:00 am
at violent games and movies. hopefully the task force is talking about all of that. >> washington looks at anything. we're quick to legislate but it seems we have an obligation to understand. i don't pretend to understand but we need to. i hope we spend real time thinking it through. >> we need to. these conversations need to happen. the specifics we spelled out from the "washington post," wendell goler reporting independently found it's going to be more broadly after that "the washington post" specifics. it's the beginning of the conversation and the specifics will be polled out, lobbyists will have their way and it will be a broad discussion. >> we know about the strategy. this is a report today of how the president plans to get some support for whatever the new measures are, and that is to use some of the same strategy and model used for obamacare, so
6:01 am
align himself with big business. for instance wal-mart is one of the biggest gun retailers. if you can get wal-mart on your side and say we think these gun shows that do not perform background checks, that sell to whomever comes to the gun show, if you can get wal-mart to say let's go away with that practice, then you have real fire power, to use that analogy, on your side because obviously wal-mart is a huge business ally of the president, or would be. >> and a competitor of gun shows. that's the point you made last hour. there are many examples in washington, trust me, of big companies using legislation to crush competitors. i hope this isn't another one where wal-mart decides if we put gun shows out of business, we'll sell more firearms. it's immoral to use the power of the federal government to crush competitors. >> you're acting as though it's a capitalist model.
6:02 am
if the administration doesn't believe you should buy guns at gun shows because they don't provide adequate -- >> i'm merely say it would be wrong of wal-mart or any big company -- it's prime ma fascia running -- wrong to use the power of the government to use this to gain profit. that's crony capitalism. >> you make donations. in the donor list for obama campaign we know wal-mart was a big donor. the inauguration festivities, they take donations and wal-mart was one of those district attorney's. >> i -- donors. >> i hope it's not true. >> something has to happen in january. let's talk about -- you remember one of the pivotal rationals for obamacare was skyrocketing healthcare costs.
6:03 am
today there's news many health insurers are raising rates by double digits. >> sheers the rates. increased from california, for just the state of cal, aetna, 22% increase. anthem blue cross, 26% increase. blue shield of cal, 20% increase. where are the rate cuts? >> does this surprise anybody? the second he regulates, the price rises. when you require gas stations to sell ethanol, food prices rise as corn growers take stock to ethanol. it becomes more expensive. the more you regulate, the more expensive it comes. >> why was the president able to sell obamacare in part on the idea we must do something -- >> he didn't sell it to me. >> healthcare costs were rising, that was a fact. and so his argument was we need
6:04 am
to do something about and this universal healthcare is one of the things we should do to stop that. >> was he referring to the federal government's stake, the cbo numbers and something he could hang his hat on. >> when you require health insurers to cover procedures, whether people want to buy the coverage, lie hair transplants, viagra, all these requirements, of course it's going to be more expensive for the rest of us. >> let us know what you think. have you seen your rates go up in the state in which you live? syrian president bashar al-assad announces he's not going anywhere. this is new video of him speaking publicly for the first time in months. bashar al-assad says he has no plans of stepping down. 60,000 syrians have died during the two-year year. search crews working to find
6:05 am
the head of the smithsoniany fashion house. his plane vanished, his wife, two friends and crew members were onboard. the twin engine plane dropped off the radar, just a 45 minute trip from the i'd where it took off. a story from a woman who escaped her burning home after a plane crashed into it. susan was about to run errands when something made her stop. had she kept walking she would have been in the path of the plane. >> i stopped, plane hit the house. boom. there's no way anyone else should have got out of there, but god has other plans for me. >> three people inside the plane were killed. the cause of the crash is being investigated. it's only january but men's
6:06 am
health picked the hottest man of 2013. ♪ katy perry. clayton, wholeheartedly agrees. they cannot get enough of the 20-year-old superstar. >> she's gorgeous, i will say that. however, i had to admit i didn't know who she was. >> until when? >> maybe a -- earlier this year. i was joking with my wife, she's an elf. she's in the movie he elf with l ferrell, though turns out that's not accurate. >> whatever her name s i'm not against her but i know very little about her. do you know how many pretty women there are? >> sexiest. >> i'm not going to into that. >> good choice. >> let's check in with maria in the weather center. >> good morning, good to see you, today we're tracking chilly
6:07 am
temperatures. typical for this time of year in the midwest. 22 degrees, 31 in chicago and 43 in new york city. good news for the midwest and also the east, that is that we're actually seeing a rise in temperatures over the next couple days. we could be seeing a high of 50 degrees as we head into midweek in new york city. the midwest, tomorrow you're going to be into the 30s in minneapolis. a warmup, better than today as we head into the next several days, san antonio, 61 degrees, 55 in the city of dallas. as far as rainfall goes we're dealing with that across the east. we had flurries across new york city overnight at 4:30 a.m. when i came to work and we're seeing snow showers still lingering across portions of new england and off the great lakes. you could seeing a little bit of a accumulation off the lakes, that's pretty much it. a relatively weak storm system.
6:08 am
southeast, rain showers in the carolinas, georgia, northern florida, the system will push eastward through the day today and we could see rain showers as far south at central florida. the plains are quiet. california, a new storm system, this one bringing areas of rain around san francisco, mountain snow for the sierras, the mountain passes will see accumulation so be safe if you're driving. as we head into the next several days, that storm heads east and produces much needed rainfall across texas. many lakes reporting low levels as far as water so we could see over 4 inches of rain in eastern texas. much needed rain. the bad news is the storm could produce severe weather in texas into portions of louisiana as we head into tuesday. we'll keep a close watch on that. otherwise early this morning, very chilly in the midwest, 11 degrees in rapid city and
6:09 am
minneapolis, temperatures in the single digits across the state of utah, otherwise in the northeast, new york city, 35, not too bad. >> 5 degrees, that's cold. >> thank you. >> let me ask you this question, our audience in general. are we becoming a nation of whiners? self-obsessed, narcissistic? if you look at young kids and a recent study you might think so with a increase in 30% from when they did the study in 1966. >> 9 million college kids were asked about self-esteem and their impression of themselves. it's no surprise their impression of themselves inflated since 1966. they admit they study less now that be they did decades ago. they do more poorly on tests but
6:10 am
they believe they're more above average than they did back in the 60s and 70s. so their performance is lower but their self-esteem and impression of their greatness has grown. >> looking back, school trends of scary, 20 years ago somebody decided teaching kids to like themselves more would increase test scores. it was dumb when they thought it up. i wish someone said the point is you want to teach them to achieve and keep perspective. >> one of the things we're trying to do with our kids, is not teach them they're smart. reinforcing the you're so smart teaches them to never take risks. >> and makes them annoying. >> praise them for their effort. >> that's the best thing. >> not how smart they are and geniuses. >> you can praise them less in
6:11 am
general. >> there you go. tell us what you think. these streets were supposed to be named after war heroes but local politicianings, including one in a corruption scandal, named them after themselves. >> the president promised the middle class wouldn't be hit with tax hikes but why did most americans take a history in their paychecks this week? pretty despicable. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? maybe you want to incorporate a business. orrotect your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like the help of an attorney. at legalzoom a legal plan attorney is available in most states with every personalized document to answer questions. get started at today. and now you're protected.
6:12 am
[ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it.
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6:14 am
welcome back, before the fiscal cliff deal was reached, the president made his priorities clear, the middle class wouldn't get hit with higher tax but despite that, the nonpartisan tax policy center determined over 77% of you will see taxes go up this year. here to comment is liz peak. we're talking about payroll tax which no one was talking about. that includes democrats and republicans. even grover norquist, all quiet on payroll tax cut that was allowed to sunset. now we see the number, 77%. why did they drop the ball on this? >> i think everyone wanted a deal and it was a toxic suggestion. obama came out on new year's eve and prior to that saying the
6:15 am
middle class wouldn't be hit with tax increases. they are hit with tax increases. it wasn't the $2,000 he talked about avoiding about about a thousand on average. people are seeing it in paychecks now. it isn't the only surprise in this awful bill but it's one of the surprises. >> the average household will see about $1,600 in new taxes this year as a result of it. taken out in small chunks every paycheck but you'll see it over the course of the year. >> it is. it's reducing the ability of the consumers to spend. that has been the recurrent theme on avoiding the tax cliff, the fiscal cliff, was we didn't want to ding the consumer because that's how recovery works. people have less money to spend. >> we heard from democrats. they wanted more stimulus money, more money infused in the economy for people to spend. they didn't get a lot but here's
6:16 am
an opportunity where they could have had that amount of money in the economy and let it laps. >> the tax deal is another big fraud like obamacare was supposed to give away free medical help to 31 million americans and not increase the deficit. this was supposed to reduce the deficit by making the wealthy pay more. we have the most aggressive tax system in a generation. the "new york times" reports that. we're reducing deficits by $600 billion over ten years when deficits are supposed to rise to $8 trillion. it does almost nothing to reduce deficits and it's hurting american taxpayers. >> it's about priorities. you pointed out some ridiculous things, nascar owners get a tax break. congress put it in extension of nascar owners getting tax breaks
6:17 am
because they're hurting and they need the extra cash. >> and puerto rican rum importers. it's unimaginably cynical to me that in this era of transparency increase and also needing tax revenues that we gave away enormous amounts of money on so-called tax extenders which are tax breaks we used to call pork. >> just another name for it. liz peak, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, matt damon's new movie portrays fracturing in a new light but a new report may debunk the claims. she's a 9-year-old football superstar who can give any boy a run for his money. now she's got a ticket to the super bowl. sam gordon is here and joins us live. adorable. excuse me, sir i'm gona have to ask you to
6:18 am
power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app.
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6:20 am
6:21 am
>> 23 minutes after the hour. she was born when william mckinley was president and lived a full life as a school teacher, counselor and mother of 11 but the oldest perish in america -- person in america died. mamie was 114 years old. >> a picture of the pope celebrating the season of the epiphany. it marks the day of the three kings visited baby jesus. malice will mark the day with parades and pageants. a star is born on the
6:22 am
football field. sam gordon is a 9-year-old pee wee football phenom and a youtube sensation after her father posted her highlights real and made it on reel and made it on a wheaties box. she's got a special invitation from the nfl. sam gordon joins us to tell us all about it. >> hi. >> we're familiar with what a great football player you are and how fast you can run and you came to the attention of the nfl commissioner. how did that happen? >> well, i guess the very first time we met at the new york giants game and he just was asking me if i've ever been to the super bowl and then i said no, but my dad has. and then like a few weeks later, i got his invitation to the super bowl. >> that is so cool. what's your favorite football team, sam?
6:23 am
>> the green bay packers or 49ers. >> good choice. >> what do you think you're going to do is he super bowl -- at the super bowl? >> he said i might be sitting by him. i don't know. and then i'm probably just going to be watching it. i don't know if i'm going to be doing anything special. >> a video of you that's on youtube, we have it up on the screen right now, is you be believable. how far was that run? >> i don't know. >> but really far. i mean it looks like you're running halfway across the field. were you worried someone was going to tackle you? >> um, not really. because -- when i get that clear space on the field, i just run as fast as i can to see if i can just get away from the people trying to tackle me. >> that's the spirit. there's a important life lesson
6:24 am
there, sam, when you have a clear space, take it, go. >> run as fast as you can. sam, you run so fast it looks like we're speeding up the tape to make your legs go extra fast but that's how fast you run. now that you have gotten so much attention from the nfl commissioner and so many people on line, has your life changed? >> yes. >> how? >> well, i guess a lot of people wanted to take pictures of me at the jazz game and then like my friends, they're just like sam, you were on national tv. that's awesome! >> that is awesome. so what do you want to do when you grow up? have you thought about it? >> i want to play soccer when i grow up. and if that fails, i want to be a veterinarian. >> oh, those are great things to want. >> that's very cool, sam. we hope you have a great time at the super bowl. and let us know how it goes and
6:25 am
we hope to talk to you very soon. >> thanks, sam. >> bye. >> bye. >> these streets were supposed to be named after war heroes but instead, local politicians got caught up in the act and named the streets after themselves, including one politician who is embroiled in scandal. a cat caught red-handed smuggling cell phones into a prison. a cat burglary. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression
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6:28 am
tucker, i don't know what you did to tick off clayton, but he's out of studio. >> he's got a suitcase with wheels. >> a consumer electronics show in las vegas, nevada. >> and i'll be out there all
6:29 am
week from the floor live on "fox & friends," the press night is tonight with a preview of the events. i'll be live on "fox & friends." >> you better get going. >> it's in an hour literally. >> no way. >> yeah. >> good luck to you. okay, run all the way to newark airport. >> what do you think of chances are of him making it? >> why did he have suntan lotion and a ticket to barbados? >> and why is there only a banana hammock in that bag? we shall let you know if clayton makes it and you'll see his live reports. in texas, a town called is secora, years ago the town officials went to families of fallen soldiers and those wounded in battle and they said we would like to name some
6:30 am
streets in our town after your family members and the family members were honored and thought it would be a great idea. >> is that what? >> no. >> could it be the politicians in charge of naming the streets could not resist the temptation to name the streets after themselves and could it be one of those politicians is embroiled in a scandal? it's all true and here's how the families reacted. >> i feel awful because they told us that they were going to name the veterans, not anybody else. >> i feel sad because i think he deserves what they were going to do. >> the veterans are the heroes because they went to fight for our nation. >> you don't want them to put the -- you could at least put the ones that didn't make it back. >> instead of naming them after
6:31 am
heroes they named them after local politicians. you had a great idea that that should be banned, no more live politicians in office named -- >> no living office holder should be allowed to use taxpayer money to name monuments after themselves. the frank lautenberg train station, disgusting. half the state of west virginia is named after former sentor byrd who named buildings after himself while alive. i'm not calling for a revolution but you shouldn't take the public trust and spend it on monuments to yourself. >> a good rule of thumb. stanley mcchrystal speaking out and taking the blame for the career ending rolling stone article. >> peter doocy joins us live from washington, d.c. with this story. >> tucker, retired general mcchrystal says in his new
6:32 am
book, my share of the task, that he's typically open and transparent and trusting by nature. but he suggests that the freelance author of the rolling stone author, michael hastings, might have been unworthy of his trust. still he does not blame hastings for the bankrupt end to -- abrupt end to his career and cardless of how -- regardless of how the judge the article, the responsibility was mine. the article he takes responsibility for is the one that prints a conversation between the general and his aides where they make fun of the vice president, biden, he writes when the backlash began he got on the plane to d.c. to offer president obama his regular nation. that came after tension between the general and president which are detailed in the book where mcchrystal writes about the
6:33 am
time he asked for 40,000 additional troops in afghanistan and president obama only okayed 30,000 and said the remainder would be filled in with allied forces. mcchrystal chose not to push back but clearly the relationship is not totally shattered since mcchrystal is on the board of a white house initiative, joining forces, which helps returning servicemen and women and their spouses find jobs. >> interesting. make sure that you tune into to hannity tomorrow, 9:00 p.m., when retired general mcchrystal will join his program for the entire hour, so he'll have a lot of interesting things to say. >> we have an update on a alabama teenager behind bars arrested for plotting to blow up his high school. the 17-year-old is a white supremist out to get a teacher and six students. a teach found his notebook detailing his plans.
6:34 am
police found explosives at his home that were ready to go. >> he could have got into the school. he could have gotten the whole school. he could have got all of us at once. >> police think he learned how to make bombs on the internet. scary moments where a georgia mom and her kids, a man forced his way into her home. she called her husband who then called 911 and she grabbed her gun and kids and hid in a crawl space. >> all of a sudden the crawl space door opens where she and her two children are and she's face-to-face with the perpetrator. she fires all six shots. >> all but one bullet hit the man. police identified him as a guy with a long rap sheet. he's expected to be okay. thousands nationwide headed for hobby lobby to show support for a stand against obamacare.
6:35 am
>> we just want to be free and have limited government and freedom to worship god. >> the company's facing $1.3 million in fines per day because it refuses to offer health insurance that covers birth control. prison guards in brazil foiled attempts to smuggle cell phones, drills and saws in and they have a culprit in custody. he's not talking. , this kitty smuggler was caught with the items. it's not known who is responsible since the kitty cat can't exactly rat out his accomplices. those -- that story was -- >> pretty good. >> purr fect, was it not? >> it's sports time, today's a great morning if you're a hockey fan. the nhl and players association reached a tentative deal to end
6:36 am
the lockout. final details have to be ironed out. it would put a new collective bargaining agreement in place for ten years and save this year areas season. wild card weekend, the packers host minnesota vikings qb ponder out with an elbow injury. this was not a repeat of last week, this time the packers defense held adrian peterson under 100 yards and put pressure on joe webb. the packers win and face san francisco in the next round. >> houston avoided a postseason letdown. aaron foster rushed for 140 yards and they win, playing new england next week. >> now we go outside to maria, whose got. >> good morning, we're looking
6:37 am
at a nice day in new york city. we had flurries early this morning and very early, like before 6:00 a.m. but we could see a little bit of sunshine in new york city. other areas will continue to deal with the flurries, snow showers. especially if you live off the great lakes. that's the only spot that could be looking at accumulating snow. otherwise a relatively quiet day across the northeast. temperatures not too bad, 43 for the high in new york city and upper 30s over across portions of upstate new york including syracuse. in the southeast, a little bit warmer but cool in atlanta with a high of 49. 48 in norfolk, virginia and portions of northern florida and central florida. rain showers associated with the same system that's bringing flurries to the northeast. texas staying dry, highs in the upper 50s. cold in fargo, 20 degrees for the high. chicago's 31. otherwise a dry day across the midwest.
6:38 am
out west, a storm system is bringing in rain across parts of san francisco. and also some mountain snow in the sierras and 8 inches of snow can fall above 5,000 feet. mountain passes will deal with a couple inches of snow to careful driving. the same storm will head east the next several days and could dump as much as 4 inches of rain across portions of texas, locally higher amounts will be possible and severe weather. that's as we head into tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> thank you so much. let's revisit or top story, about what the white house's plans is with the new task force to figure out how to stop newtown, connecticut from ever happening. one of the things i thought they were going to focus on was changing some of the rules so that gun shows couldn't sell guns as easily because it was my impression they were worried some gun shows weren't doing
6:39 am
adequate background checks. you're explaining they're concerned about person-to-person gun sales or transfers. >> background checks are quick. you can get in the f.b.i. database and check a criminal history at the point of sale. some vendors do that. what ask unregulated is person-to-person. i have a 12 gang shotgun -- gauge shotgun and sell you to you and that's something that will come under scrutiny. >> that's one of the things they're trying to change, calling for a database to track a gun. >> outside of washington, new york and los angeles where people hunt, people give guns as presents. it's not weird to give a goose gun to your boy for his 16th 16th birthday. there's a tradition around that. will those have to be registered, that's the question. matt damon's movie portrays
6:40 am
fracking in a bad light but a new report may debunk it. >> up and personal with a crocodile, all caught on camera. supply costs... down... ...and down. just use your maxperks card and get a case of x-9 paper for only 1-cent after maxperks rewards. find thousands of big deals now... officemax. is the same frequent heartburn treatment as plosec otc.
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now with a fancy coating that gives you a burst of wildberry flavor. now why make a flavored heartburn pill? because this is america. and we don't just make things you want, we make things you didn't even know you wanted. like a spoon fork. spray cheese. and jeans made out of sweatpants. so grab yourself some new prilosec otc wildberry. [ male announcer one pill each morning. 2hours. zero heartburn. satisfaion guaranteed or your money back.
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6:43 am
matt damon's movie promised land sets out to prove fracking is unsafe. >> hi, everybody, i'm here because my farm is gone. the land turned brown and died. >> it's happened to one of us, it can happen to all of us. >> but a leaked new york state health department report now may put that notion to shame. it says fracking is not a danger as long as proper safeguards are in place. what does it mean for the future of fracking? joining me is salem mcaleer, his documentary set to be released. >> the new york department of health put out this eight page analysis, a rehash of past studies and they found it can be performed safely but what it really looked at is the radiological material in the
6:44 am
ground, water resources and the air emission. will all of that, do you think, quiet the critics? >> no. the critics are not antifracking, they're antifossil fuels, anti-american, they're antiprogress, a coalition of extreme greens, hollywood celebrities and odd balls so it won't quiet them. the only thing that's surprise something speech are surprised. fracking has been going on in america for 50 years. there's a vast analysis. >> you have studied it and put out the documentary that's coming out at the end of the month. why are you convinced it's sa ts of people in pennsylvania where they show things like the matt damon movie where farm animals are dropping dead and they later find high levels of toxicity?
6:45 am
>> and their dog is sick and the cat has a headache. you know, people make all sorts of anecdotal claims in lawsuits that aren't true when science is in. the people in pennsylvania brought in the epa and insists -- they said the water was safe. they were angry because that was the end of the lawsuit. every time there's an antidote and analysis, it shows that fracking doesn't pollute the water. >> we have a quote from the department of environmental conservation that finds fault with the new report saying the document is nearly a year old, does not reflect final policy and no conclusions should be drawn from this partial, outdated study. would it help to have a new study done? >> if you like throwing good money after bad. as you say, it's a rehash of
6:46 am
hold studies. the first well in america was fracked in 1987. we've report after report and it's time to stop reporting and start doing. people need to take a decision on this. every time it comes to a new state or new country like my country, ireland, the analysis is done. >> one of the serious images was the fact people in fracking areas could light their tap water on fire. that was debunkedded because you proved it has been happening for decades. >> you can light your water in upstate new york and there's no fracking there. you could light your water in -- >> why can you light your water on fire? >> there's a lot of gas there. that's why they're drilling. three place in america, burning springs, the indians called them
6:47 am
burning springs because the water went on fire. the gas comes up through the ground and sometimes through water. fracking does not cause your water to go on fire and it's dishonest for the documentary to say that and put that out. it was very unethical and i hope they correct the record. we correct the record on frack nation which is coming out january 22nd on access tv. >> nice tease. want to lively ronald reagan? we're taking you inside his former home now up for sale. we'll tell you how much.
6:48 am
6:49 am
6:50 am
got a few million to spend on a new home? why not buy a house that belonged to a big time celebrity
6:51 am
or move into ronald reagan's old house. katrina joins you live from miami with the low down. you can buy reagan's house? >> absolutely. nancy and reagan's house is actually on the market. their normaller house in palisades, california, for $4.99 million. it sits on half an acre and it has seven bedrooms and what's interesting is this is the house that reagan was living in when then president jimmy carter called on him, conceding the election and allowing president reagan to become the 40th 40th president of the united states, the biggest role of his life. the reagans moved to a more prestigious home, the white house. a fun fact is ronald reagan was an actor before he became
6:52 am
president and was host of general electric theater. so general electric gifted him this property, which is 4700 square feet and as a result, the entire kitchen is decked out with ge appliances. >> circa 1961. that's tremendous. versace's house it on the market. tell me about it. >> it is. in 1997, as many of you remember, jionni was gunned on on miami beach on ocean drive. the very same estate it on the market for $100 million. it's reduced from $125 million. now, as outrageous as this property is, nobody's debating that, it's covered in 24 karat gold. 100 million dollars is still an outrageously inflated price. >> especially because he had terrible taste, obviously.
6:53 am
>> a particular taste. in comparison the raleigh hotel sold for 55 million, waterfront on the beach on much more land. that comes timeout $833 a square feet. the versace mansion is listed at 4,200 a square feet. >> that's -- i'm not in the market. quickly, tell me about al capone's house, which i passed over going to miami beach. >> you did. one of the most notorious american gangsters, al capone's house, his former house, is on the market on miami beach in palm island. and it's listed for $9.95 million. it sits on a 30,000 square feet lot, 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and two powder rooms. he bought it from clarence
6:54 am
busch, he used the guesthouse as the guard house, so for $9.5 million a piece of history could be yours. >> imagine the vibes, pay your taxes. thank you for that. >> thank you for having me. >> we'll be right back, there's are "fox & friends" in twoe aln are "fox & friends" in twoe aln minutes. don't go away. . to argue would be rude. nissan altima. with moving-object detection. lease now. just $199 per month. visit road and track called sentra an economy car minus the look and feel of an economy car. wonder how civic and corolla look and feel about that. the all-new nissan sentra, with best-in-class mpg. lease for $169 per month. visit woman: we're helping joplin, missouri, come back from a devastating tornado.
6:55 am
man: and now we're helping the t recover from hurricane sandy. we're a leading global insurance company, based right here in america. we've repaid every dollar america lent us. everything, plus a profit of more than $22 billion. for the american people. thank you, america. helping people recover and rebuild -- that's what we do. now let's bring on tomorrow.
6:56 am
6:57 am
time for quick headlines. gerard depardieu officially a russian citizens. new video of the actor meeting with putin to pick up his russian passport. depardieu wanted out of france because of the country's attempt to raise taxes on the rich by 75%. that plan was struck down. kung fu croc. look at this crocodile in australia flying off a rock, landing on the face of a swimmer. the guy was able to swim away with no injuries. tucker, great working with you. >> it was the did best. >> donald trump will be on tomorrow and tune in for the after the show show. >> f major developments in the nation ace capital. we await president obama's
6:58 am
arrive back in washington, d.c. >> brand-new video of the president and first lady boarding air force one in honolulu. the first family's hawaiian vacation officially comes to an end today. >> good to be with you again. >> i'm jamie colby. this is a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. the president is returning home to new challenges, including the controversy surrounding the name nation of former republican senator chuck hagel as next defense secretary. john bolton is fox new contributor and former u.s. embassador to the united nations. good morning. >> good morning, happy new year. certainly not confirmed that chuck hagel will be assigned the post and up for confirmation but there's talk if he goes through hearings, which you know about, it could be the most contentious
6:59 am
we've seen. tell our viewers why. >> it's an unusual process president obama has followed now for the second time on a major cabinet nominee. the first was susan rice's nonnomination to be secretary of state where it was floated out and she ran into a lot of flak and eventually withdraw. the washington press corps seems to have decided this time chuck hagel will be the nominee, but by floating the name out by basically allowing people to speculate on the nomination, already chuck hagel developed opposition. it's a difficult confirmation at a point where the defense department and country don't need a long hiatus in deading who the leadership should be. >> a critical time for the military, withdrawal and draw down from afghanistan as well as potential new hotspots that we could be

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